Raunchy mondays Part 1.  

rm_bellachrissy 52F
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10/15/2005 11:35 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Raunchy mondays Part 1.

Its early Sunday morning and i'm sitting at my PC as horny as all fuck. Tried camming ealier but both cases were a jerk and walk not satifying for me at all. Just as u r reaching the allmitey release, they blow and go. Fuck would not touch them in real life, no staying power bad strike. I'm off to see my man tomorrow. We meet every monday and friday with stay ova's on friday and some saturday nites. I love monday mornings. I get out of bed have a shower put on something sexy and drive to my guys place. I live sth east subs in melbourne and he lives western subs. Its worth the drive. I arrive about 7am and get home around 7.30pm. I arrive and im so excited to see him, the 1st thing i want to do is taste his lips again. After the 1st kiss and cuddle i feel like im home. The feeling is awesome. We usually chat and cuddle on the couch, stealing kisses as we chat. When he kisses me i can feel my whole body explode. I feel every sensation 10x. His kiss's make me quiver, my nipples instantly go rock hard. As he kisses my neck and caresses my ear with his teeth drives me insane. I just want to him on the spot. I control myself. When we both cant stand it any more he takes my hand and leads me to his bed. Once in his room he undresses me slowly, savouring every piece of clothing he removes, by removing the article and replacing it with his lips and tongue. His tongue is pierced so it tickles me to pleasureable pain. He then lays me gently in his bed. As soon as our body's touch the heat is awesome. I feel tingling from head to toe. His kisses are devine the make me weak with desire. I caress his neck with my lips. He growls in my ear it sends shivers down my spine, my nipples become so hard the hurt. As his mouth wanders down he then takes my solid nipple in his mouth and begins to suck it. Flicking his tongue over it, i swear my nipples have cables running to my pussy because all of a sudden i become extremely wet. I whimper, the feeling is so good. I love when he whispers in my ear, I need to be inside of you. My heart swells. He moves on top of me, i feel his hard cock rub against my clit. I scream out in pleasure. He slides into me slow, enjoying every inch of entry. He moans loudly that im so hot and so wet. He makes me crazy. I thrust back against him taking him deep inside. He stops it feels so good, we fit together like a perfect match. I love the way he makes me feel so full. We then slowly make love. Exploring each others body's with our lips and tongues. Kissing passionately as he thrusts into me. My guy can make me cum just by touching me with his lips. Certain spots of my neck, just loose control when he finds them. He rolls me over and enters me from behind. Kissing my neck as he thrusts into me. Gently caressing my hips as he rides me. We fit like 2pieces from a jigsaw puzzel. As he thrusts into me he hits my cervix and makes me yelp, at 1st it hurt a little now i enjoy it. I love the way he kisses my back.

rm_artzy96 51M
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11/2/2005 9:13 pm

He sure is a lucky guy. I was starting to wonder if any of the ladies on this site actually met anyone. Sounds like the two of you are made 4 each other. Paul

Frank89053890 36M
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11/3/2005 11:28 am

Hey Chrissy,
i dont know if you remember me but i still luv the pics what have you been upto?

Frank89053890 36M
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11/5/2005 9:33 pm

Hey yep i doing wonderful great to hear things are going good for you just wondering is it an exclusive thing going on with you and your man or can we meet up?

rm_oicuthere 47M

12/3/2005 1:34 pm

hi bella you sound like a lot of fun, melb guy here 37 now with a bit of stamina - love to chat, cam and play with a lovely energectic and raunchy lady yourself - drop me a line

blingaring 38M
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1/21/2006 12:18 am

You sound like a naughty girl that needs my lovin even if it is for a night or mornining your call. Do you have a day for us to get together and find out if we want too.

rm_BrekkyDJ 35M
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3/7/2006 10:54 pm

Good to see you are finding plenty fo friends to play with

I hope I make that team... I saw you as well at redhotpie but unfortunately didn't get your number

Darkstayer 44M
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5/2/2006 8:32 am

Would love 2 meet someone just like u

rm_mrwhippy83 33M

8/11/2006 3:20 am

Hi there ima 23 yaer old from western vic and your blogs really turned me on, would like to get in contat with you sometime cheers.

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