Early Sunday morning reflection.  

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7/30/2005 10:48 am

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Early Sunday morning reflection.

Well it's 3am Sunday morning, finally finished all my email's. Had a very interesting couple of days. Saw 2 of my friends wednesday nite and thursday nite. It was awesome sex at nite and sex in the morning. What a way 2 wake up. My thursday guy is a regular visitor, he's loving and considerate and lets face it a good fuck. We have a happy no strings arrangement that suits us both fine. We are also friends which i think helps. We are more comfortable with each other. My friend from wednesday nite and myself also has the same arrangement but only see each other when we can. He's a sexy baker.
Met both the guys on AdultFriendFinder they seem 2 b the best so far out of a long stream dead beats and bull crap artists or mayb i am just 2 trusting. I have also made a lot of good friends off of AdultFriendFinder. Guys who enjoy my company but thats all.
I think the best bullshit story I got told was from a member online who told me after only knowing me 4 a short time that when and if he ever got in a relationship he still wanted me in his life. I fell 4 it hook line and sinker. The next few weeks after that motel visit the guy disappears. Well i can now fully understand why his ex wife did what she did 2 him. He surface a few weeks later with an ad on 1 of the club sites, looking for women. Wow what a slap in the face. It wasnt the fact he had used me that hurt the most, it was the fact he looked in2 my eyes and flat out lied. He meant nothing of those words he spoke in the motel room. My friendship was worth nothing. He also admitted 2 not seeing me again because he just started a relationship with some1. When i really thought about it he was 1 big lier. I guess it could have been worse, he could have done it by sms. instead of email. I had 2 laugh he was a lousy fuck anyway. And not just saying it 2 b nasty. It was really freaky screwing some1 with no hair. This guy was hairless right down 2 no eyebrows. It takes all kinds to make the world go round i guess.
Hubby was home last nite, he finally has come off driving trucks on nite shift, yea hah. Hard 2 have a sex life with some1 who is hardly home or asleep. We did a bit of fence mending 2day. We finally had sex. It was awesome. It was like the old days (pre trucks). I realised although i get 2 do my own thing i still have my best friend and lover by my side. Just wish i loved him the same way he love's me.


8/5/2005 1:25 pm

hi how ru im 39 living in central vic marrid love sex like your pic ty

justaguy21357 59M

9/22/2005 11:24 pm


i like your attitude and appreciate your comments.

sounds like you had to go throgh a few to find a few "keepers"

drop me a line sometime if you wish.


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