honour among criminals  

rm_beefore 46M
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12/19/2005 8:42 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

honour among criminals

I have a client in the most serious legal trouble. We know he is covering for someone and he feels he does not want to be a rat, but the alternative is for him to possibly spend 25 years in jail. I know enough now that he has several personality disorders, and we have recommended to his lawyer that he get psychologically diagnosed.

I have worked closely with this kid for a month now, and he has been invaluable to me helping around the office. While he has been doing that we have used the easy bond he made with me to discreetly make some points to him. He has a young son and may never see that boy grow up if he is successfully prosecuted. Sometime today the opportunity came up to discuss ratting, and I made the point that ratting someone out simply to reduce your own sentence is immoral, cowardly and wrong. To rat someone out that knows if they don't somehow come forward that you will serve their lengthy sentence is not the same thing. I explained to him that his responsibility is to his son, and that he needs to be there for him, and he can't do that if he is in jail for someone elses bad judgement and choices. I mean what is more important:

a "code" or some misguided loyalty to someone whom obviously doesn't care what happens to you, since they are not man enough to step up and do the time for their crime

or being there to support and raise your child and to teach and guide them in what is right

I think for one brief moment I saw the light bulb go on, as he spent enough time in jail to know that even hardened cons frown upon you knowingly allowing someone innocent to do your time. Let's hope he keeps that light on long enough to realise his loyalty is misguided, and that if this person was truly worth protecting they would step up and get him out of trouble.

pickthisguy11 36M
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12/19/2005 9:40 pm

You're absolutly correct about this. If someone is willing to let you fall on your sword for them, they are not somebody worth protecting. I've never understood peoples' misguided loyalty in situations like the one you describe. If somebody will let you go to prison for the crime they know they committed, they are clearly not worth protecting. It is not a noble thing to serve a prison sentence for someone. I hope this person comes to his senses for the sake of his child.

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