happy birthday by bd6222  

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4/17/2006 9:14 am

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happy birthday by bd6222

i was siting watching tv about aweek ago when the phone rang. I said hello there was a girl's voice no the other end. she said HI this is Donna "Donna who" your old girl frend . ho I havent herd from you in a while . she said I have ben working I justed wanted to know if you were seing any one. I said no. would you like to come over an talk . sure. how about tuesday after noon I said ok .I will see you then . she said if no one ancer's the door come around back I may be taning .I could not wate Donna was a varey beuitful young lady.so tuesday about one Oclock I went to Donna's house I knock on the door no one ancered .so I went around back I opened the gate an there layed a young lady sun bathing with nothing on. I stoped for a couple minets just to stair at this godes laying there. I then said hello Donna the young lady jumped up pulling her knees to her brest trying to cover her self I noticed this was not Donna.I said I am sorry I was to meet Donna here. she is in the house if you will turn around wile I get dressed. I will go get her.no need for you to get up I will get her. about that time Donna came out of the house. she had also ben sunbathing nude an had nothing on i could not belive my eys. I see you met my sister Debbie.I did not relise who she was she did not look like that the last time I seen her.she was a lot better looking an had realy filled out over the years she was great looking. but so was Donna.Donna walked over by Debbie an she seid this is her 18th birthday you need to give her a kiss as I walked toward them Donna put her hand on Debbie's knee's an spred her leggs she need's a big frinch kiss right here an pushed my head down betwine her legg's debbie tighen her leggs just so my tongue would not reach her sweet wet pussy Donna told her let him lick it for you . you will love it if I rember right he's real good with his tongue she loosend the grip on my head an I dove right in she was all ready so wet an cremey this young girl tasted so sweet.I had gotten so hard I thought it was going to bust out my jeans.then I felt Donna pull my jeans down an she startde to strok my cock. befor I new what was going on she had it in her mouth sucking as hard as she could . it did not take young Debbie long to climax an she unload in my mouth I tryed to lick up every drop of her sweet juice.as she cryed out I am cumming .Donna stoped what she was doing an seid ok sis get up so he can lay down she got up off the blanket an Donna told me to lay down there. as I layed down Donna told Debbie to suck my dick an she started licking on it.you can do better than that sis an Debbie swoled the whole thing is that better she asked. yes that is alot better as Donna sit down on my face so I could begain licking her pussy .it was so wet I think she had allredy had her first orgasem but she was not near as sweet as her sister and I could tell I was getting ready to explod an Debbie kept sucking as fast as she could I unload in her mouth an she swoled every drop I could tell this was not her first time as she was varry good at what she was doing. just then Donna shot her cum all over my face .she got up an told Debbie you have to learn how to clean hih up so lick my cum off his face. Debbie started kissing me an runing her tongue down my throut an all over my face.as I started to get hard again Donna sit down on me an started fucking the hell out of me .she said your to young for this sis Debbie just smiled an seid you would be suprised .she started to the house after licking my face an clening her sisters cum off of me not missing a drop.she said you don't taste to bad sis may be some time we will have to get together by our self's ha ha then she stoped an said by the way thank's for the birthday present.I realised I had ben sit up from the start .as Donna was steal fucking me an we bouth came about the same time . Donna just sit there I seid why me .well the outher day we went to town to get Debbie's present an we were foweloing you down the street an Debbie seid I would sure like a peice of that for my birthday when I realised it was you I told her that I could arange that but she would have to do every thing I told her an she agerd.na so I thought this is somthing we can shair an I would not mind having a nother crack at you eather an it was a cheep present.I tryed to sound mad as Isaid well the next time you too decide to use some one for a present don't forget to call me. Donna seid good Ideal my birthday is in two week's maybe Debby will return the favor. as Donna climbed off me I got dress I coud not wate to get home to look up the date for Donna's birthday to make sure I would be free. I did not want to misse this chance to be with bouth these girl's a gain as soon as posibal, ps plese leave coments

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10/21/2007 11:19 am

Would u like to be my birthday prezzie

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