the right lady hhhmmm, n what about the right man, lol  

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2/12/2006 8:25 pm

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3/29/2006 6:21 pm

the right lady hhhmmm, n what about the right man, lol

well since being on here i have net a few people and only one has been genuine, sensetive, funny and an absolute joy to be with n he's only 24, where are the real 35-45 men like that, that will just lay beside u, watch a movie n laugh til u cry, n honestly take an interest in more than tit fucking you, n i dont even have my tits as my main pic, oh i have loads of mesgs everyday, but none so far that i would consider worthy of everything i am capable of, yes a f f is mostly about sex and thats fun, who doesnt love sex, but after reading some postings it doesnt seem that everyone is after sex after all, so maybe we need to rethink, it's adult FRIENDSHIP guys, n sex or not, friendship means a lot

rm_GERRY1654 41M

3/2/2006 3:48 pm

I dont think men are all that different to women in what they want, I'd say largely we just don't know that that IS what we want (friendship/love).

Sex is after all I think an intimate expression of love and friendship and thats what we all crave in the end aint it?

Good post by the way, I like your style


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