? chat ettiquette , code , acronyms , etc ?  

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2/3/2006 10:50 am

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? chat ettiquette , code , acronyms , etc ?

i was slow to jump on the digital age bandwagon , i came to the conclusion this fad might have legs , like The Beatles , i guess.

pride cometh before a fall , and as i start to feel comfortable in chat rooms , i await that magic moment when two seconds after hitting enter , i reach for the bottle of liquid paper , slap my forehead , and scream ,

" OH, FUKKK!! "

at the monitor. i can't reach down the adsl line and retract what i never should've thought , never mind typed.

i protect my own privacy , to a degree , and being a life-long nosy parker , battle at what i should ask , as i try to get to know the other end of the lines of text i read in the scroll.

connecting the dots of friendship between nics has been a blast , and some of the people who type back at me , first noticed my nic when i blurted into the middle of a contiuing-over-days convo that i was following along , like a tv viewer at home.

trying to get a rythm for what will be recieved as a welcome addition to the convo , versus an unwelcome extraneous line of text, is an ongoing thing. it's something that has its own fluidity , i don't think there can , or even should be , a hardn fast rule for that , it's too personal for each side of every convo.

as a tourist peekin in another room , i was told the other day "fukk off , b4 i cum n kik yer azz"
cuz the F half of a convo ignored mr charming for a second to reply with my cherished and sought after "LOL"

dewd , yur 3000 miles away , do the world a favour and put yer boot thru the monitor to express that rage.

figuring out acronyms ,code phrases and what the shorthand nics mean is a great modern form of the crossword , IMO.

had a vet 2day end my excedrin headache #46 by solving one i had started to obsess over.

{ note to self: stop confusing the M&M's with your meds }

i wonder if A F F has an existing blog where we are encouraged to contribute to an A F F dictionary for noobs?

just noticed the mood selector for the posts doesn't offer "humour" as an option. i think that's proper. funny should be a personal decision after reading , not something declared after typing.

i chose contemplative , i guess that's code for

'wtf do i know'

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