TunedDopedArras 56M
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3/15/2006 11:50 pm

monday night

kilo kiley's song 'portions for foxes'
is my favorite song these days.
it's followed by a mumbling blues tune
leon redbone -- live and kicking
diddy wah diddy...
if we ever meet again this side of heaven
sent me to
june carter cash ---press on--
farside banks of jordan

meeting in the air

the energy
brought on
hank 3 ---lovesick broke and drifting
his version of coccaine blues

sent me to
johnny cash -----essential recordings
live version at folsum prison
of coccaine blues
after a couple more tracks

more rock
the uninvited
singing------too high for the supermarket
and -----down in flames
dexter romwebber ---blues that defy my soul---

sex pistols --never mind the bollocks... ----
a few cuts

then toned it down about 39 notches and finished with

vince guaraldi ----oh, good greif!---

the neighbours will just have to adjust.
(untill need to get a ticket)

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