First Christmas party down and who knows how many to go.  

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12/5/2005 5:21 pm

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First Christmas party down and who knows how many to go.

Saturday the 3rd was my first "Christmas party" this year. 70+ people, a large private room at a local eatery, gift exchange, and a few hours of fun.

I like these parties. I'm not a Christian, but have no problems celebrating some of the ideals behind this holiday. But Christianity, from the Catholics to the Evangelicals, have so twisted the message of Christ to conform to thrie own ideals instead of accepting that message at face value that I have become fearful where our country is headed politically and socially.

Almost every organized sect of Christianity would rather spend money to recruit people to their cause, spread hatred of those unlike them, or build new facilities than actually help anyone who really needs help.

But the holiday season does get even the most fanatical of the various Christian Sects to at least consider dropping a few coins in a charity bucket. The season also allows these people to be in places where they meet and experience others who are not like them.

If you watch how the hatemongers hide behind organized Christianity to deliver their sermons of hate, it would digust you. They give different messages to different minority groups trying to set them aginst one another. If all minority groups could band together against the hatred, these people would go down in flames.

And the holiday season is a chance for different peoples to meet and learn about each other. Some will find that the differences between people isn't anything to hate, yet something to cherish. It's a damn slow process, but it does work over time.

It took 99 years for African-Americans to go from proptery to legally equal citizens here in the United States. But legally equal and socially equal are two different things and that fight is still continuing. The same hatemongers who were the ones so against African-Americans becoming legally equal are the same ones out there right now recruiting African-Americans to help them hate and descriminate against others including Latin-Americans, Gay-Americans, or some other minority group. They also don't offer them anything of value in return. The hatemongers still hate African-Americans and the others, they just use misinformational tactics to convince a minority group that another minority group is evil, or out to change them, or have a secret agenda, or so on.

And while the hatemongers try to convince African-Americans and other minority groups that Gay Marriage is a serious threat to their personal lives, they are also trying to get rid of things like Affirmative Action and laws protecting the rights of women or laws that help the handicapped with their medical expenses.

But the Holiday Season can allow us to mingle. Go to that office party and mingle with everyone. Be who you are so the flocks of the hatemongers can see you are just a person who deserves the same rights as anyone else. Will they all change this Holiday season? But it will happen slowly.

If you are a WASP, you should not just mingle with the other WASPs....Go chat with the gay guy from accounting, or the African-American woman from Human Services or the man of middle-eastern descent who is one of the corporate lawyers. Get to know them and understand them. The Holiday season is a time to truly believe in some of the ideals behind it. Most importantly, no matter what a person looks like, believes in, etc...realize that they are just like you. A person trying to live their life.

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