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12/12/2005 6:39 am

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Yes, that's right

I am a male in the 21st century. You could say I am one of those up-and-coming go-getters, with the sky being my only limit. Well, my family would like that to be true. Unfortuanately it is not. I am one of the victims of the new millenium's disease: apathy.

Well, not really. I must admit, I am sometimes lazy and don't bother to do the things I really need doing. I do actually, but only when it is too late. I have almost mastered the art of not giving a shit about anyone else; pushing people because they are in my way; cutting others off in traffic; not offering a single bit of kindness in any form.

Why strive to be like this? Well, aren't we all doing this? Just looking around at this world, I know it is going down the toilet. No-one cares for anyone else anymore. It has been ages since I have stopped to help someone out who's car has broken on the side of the road. I often hold doors open for people and know never to expect a thanks, or even a nod of the head. I (a male!) am get paranoid when walking outside after dark.

I am trying to be, for lack of a better word, nice. All this hate in the world is getting me down.


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