up date....up and up and up....  

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12/9/2005 11:03 am

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up date....up and up and up....

SO my birthday bombed massivly no party what so ever happend, my sister who was going to buy some beverages bailed and went to see Harry Potter instead. then my sure thing for that night ended up getting smashed at some other party and i had no fun. Since then I havent really done much, got a raise at work and have partied a little but not much to speak of at all. Most of my current friends with massive benifits suck, one doesnt come around until his person makes him so 'frustrated' hes gotta get off, and the other can go alot but isnt a whole lot of interesting fun or variety. Im sort of looking for a more commited 'friendship' but nothing really serious. Im am simply a college student on her own with her own place to do what she wants. I do. And i enjoy it emmensly. I had the best fantasy of getting nailed by two guys from both ends, big juicy cocks stretching me so exquisitly while they suck my tits and finger my clit fast then slow, sucking harder to make me yelp. sucking a long shaft boiling in my mouth with balls slapping against my chin and lips....so delicious.. in a hotel room over new years im wearing sky high heels and fine jewels.. it could very well be an orgie but i wouldnt go that far, just lots of tounges, dicks and juices...and of course screams.

ahh such dreams...


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