rm_bazzarkt06 30F
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8/16/2006 12:07 am

I got a bit too tipsy and a bit to anxious to fuck m again and got fates laugh full force. I was cut a bit on my innermost labia and i cannot express the pain... this was all a few days ago so its nearly healed now. The worst part is this isnt the first time that ive been cut on the same pair of pants with the same person. If fate could be any clearer I dont know how it could happen. I shouldnt have been in the bed with him anyways. I'm far to lienint with him because of the history we share. Now I know better. but im still anxious for some fun...eddie is busy with his friends band and recording crap but he's hella fun....we fucked last tuesday morning around 2...and damn....hes hella fun...knows to rinse before kissing me with his cigarette breath and loves to eat some tasty pussy and well... off to watch my new porno....heehee...

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