how sexy are you??  

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2/20/2006 11:05 am

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how sexy are you??

6 You come home from work to find that the house is deserted. Your housemates are away for the night…. and you realise it's just you,

A hot bath and a date with your vibrator?

A takeout curry, and uninterrupted viewing of Desperate Housewives?

A rare chance to catch up on some erotic literature, masturbate wantonly in any room you please and scream the house down in pure, unadulterated pleasure

7 What do you normally wear to bed?

Flannel pyjamas

A silky negligee

A comfy cotton vest and briefs set in winter or you sleep naked in summer

8 Your gorgeous new bloke is coming over for a cosy night in. What DVD do you rent for the occasion?

Nine And A Half Weeks or Unfaithful ‒ phoarrrrr!

Meet The Fockers or anything starring Jim Carrey - tee hee hee

Amelie or Lost In Translation ‒ simple and stunning

9 Later, you move into the bedroom and treat your Brad Pitt-alike to a steamy sexual treat of…

Well, sex.

An all-over body massage paying special attention to his penis, which has been especially tense recently

An out-of-this-world blindfolded blow-job followed by earth-shattering swinging-from-the-chandeliers sex (incorporating some of the items found in your top drawer)… and that's just the entrĂ©e….

10 And when you meet your girlfriends the next day to tell them about your incredible date last night, they are astounded that you…

Didn't get arrested for disturbing the peace on an otherwise peaceful Thursday night, like you did this time last month

Managed to keep a straight face while you were attempting to talk dirty to your bloke

Had sex

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