Try a variation on the doggy position  

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Try a variation on the doggy position

If he's especially well-endowed, try lying face down on a firm surface and have him enter you from behind. If you raise your hips a fraction and slip either yours, or his hand in underneath your body, you (or he) can stimulate your clitoris at the same time. This variation on doggy-style combines pressure from the front and the back and it feels pretty damn good!

Use lubricant
Sex can sometimes be less comfortable or enjoyable when your vagina is dry. This can happen at the beginning or end of your cycle, or if you've just removed a tampon to have sex. However, a touch of dryness can be easily remedied with one of the many lubrication products available on the market. Lube is also a great orgasm aid ‒ a drop or two applied to the vaginal entrance will make sex more sensual for both or you, and with a bit of luck, more orgasmic

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