How sexy are you?  

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2/20/2006 11:02 am

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How sexy are you?

1 You're out with friends when a dishy young thing nervously asks you to dance. You end up chatting and having a drink with him, but he's obviously too shy to make the next move. How do you let him know that you're interested?

You grab his hand, write your number on the back of it, and say goodnight.

You down your drink, say “I fancy the idea of an early night… don't you?” and walk away ‒ throwing him a cheeky 'come hither' glance over one shoulder.

Using your as yet untested powers of extra sensory perception, you will him to call you.

2 You're invited to a house-warming party which, you're reliably informed, will be chockablock with sexy single men. What do you wear?

A pin-striped suit jacket, knee-length skirt and black courts - weirdly, the exact same outfit you threw on for work this morning

Body-hugging jeans, a pale pink sequinned top and pretty beaded shoes

A low-cut satin top teamed with a thigh-revealing skirt and your sexiest boots.

3 What is your underwear of choice?

A g-string or, for really special occasions, nothing at all

Lace-edged French knickers

Bridget Jones style tummy-flattening granny pants. Shameful yet practical

4 What do you keep in the top drawer of your bedside cabinet?

Lip balm, condoms, emergency chocolate

Till receipts, dental floss, socks

Vibrators (one or more), strawberry lube, handcuffs

5 You've decided it's about time your bloke carried a decent photo of you in his wallet, so you trot off to the local studio and get a few rolls of film taken. You pose:

On a sheepskin rug wearing, well, nothing, covering up any eye-popping bits with hands (yours) and strategically arranged fluffy cushions

On a guilt-edged chair wearing that cute vintage dress that he loves

With Mopsy your Scottish Terrier

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