Ok...now the lighter side...  

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1/14/2006 1:15 am

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Ok...now the lighter side...

You walk through the door of the place...and there is the most attractive creation you have seen in months...


You have just worked 10 long hard hours, your back hurts, and you really just want a drink or two to wind down...

Your Desire

Dressed to kill, just dying to dance, scanning the place for a target...

You should pass....and maybe go sit at the bar and talk to the girl who has also had a long week, is looking to relax, and try a conversation.

Now if you are all fired up, looking to dance the night away...then you know who to go talk too.

So many of you seem to go past so mant nice people, and go to the one completely wrong for you. Its time to lighten up, know who you are, and know what really is important to you...they are probably the ones you have overlooked.

And for those of you who only require a pulse...you are obvious....I know it....they know it....and now you too should know it.

Stop trying so hard...and be yourself.

Any of you have any questions....just let me know.

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