Tic Toc..the clock has begun...what happened?  

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11/30/2005 1:45 pm

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Tic Toc..the clock has begun...what happened?

Im cummin home soon!!! Thank God!! Though Im not sure what to expect for my return to the states? I was watching the news the other day and I heard that home depot and lowes arent selling Christmas trees... They call them "Holiday Trees"!!!Now what the hell is this Bullshit? So i guess since there is no prayer in school, you cant swear to God or say ..."One nation under God ..." during the pledge of allegence anymore even though it WAS what we had built this country on. Way back when. Im not by any means a very Religous man, But I have seen enough in my time here alone to know there is someone watching over me. All this BS about church and state has gone way too far.Christmas is now being another pawn in a political game from people that wouldn't Know what its like to have morals or beliefs unless they were in a memo from their Bosses.
Im afraid the next woman I sleep with wont say "Oh God" Instead she'll not say anything cuz of her beliefs and politics. whatever. I know it sounds stupid but hey I have sometime to think during my day on guard. We as Americans take for granted our history and our strengths. We hide behind the constitution which in it says we can have our own beliefs, but where does it say we are to fight to take away the history of others??

All Im sayiong is that I an lost in the strange ideals of our changing times. I just want to cum home have a beer and get down and dirty with every available person and hopefully one day settle down raise a family and Kids that wont be afraid to say God or have a belief in Him...should they choose.

cant wait for January to come so I can get out of here and there to all of you and my family. Peace and Free desire...

Later Days

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