Getting Excited!!!  

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12/4/2005 8:05 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Getting Excited!!!

It getting closer and closer people!! I look around here and everyone is packing up and getting ready to go home. Equipment is getting loaded, people are filling out leave forms to go on after we get back. And I am expecting my replacement to be here in the next few days. Of course i have to train them on how we do things and then they can change and/or adapt their own versions after i leave but the sooner it happens the better.
It like Christmas for me but only better at this point.

So i have a question to those who might be reading this. I have been seperated for just under two years. She left a few months before i deployed... scandelous i know. but we have kept in touch mostly for the kids and because there are still feelings there. I assumed that when she left it was because I was coming over here and she wanted to get her rocks off or whatever. somewhat understandable yes but forgivable debatable. She has asked to maybe try again when i get back. and i miss my kids very badly. and i do love her. she was pregnant with our second when she left me and gave birth in sept. so there really hasnt been a whole lot she could have done to fool around... though it was possible. I admit i do miss her as much asthe kids, but Im wary of going back to her cuz of how and why she left. whos to say she wont do it again? anyone have an idea of what to do...

I know i will more then likely try again, and hope for the best(maybe even change my status here to "Couple") you never know.

maybe Im crazy and this Middle East Air has finally gone to my head! Or maybe I just miss a sure lay? who knows...Ill be yakkin aat cha later


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