My lover's Journal....  

rm_bakekang777 42F
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4/24/2006 6:23 am

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7/8/2007 6:49 am

My lover's Journal....

......"I know so very much about you,and yet at this moment i feel I know nothing at all.The desire to please and know and touch...taste,and smell every part of you makes me ecstatic.We have already shared so much and now it still seems so insignificant.
The sharing includes making you know the absolute passion I feel for you, or it will be forever incomplete..The feeling at the moment is so special in my heart,I will cherish it for the rest of my life, so close , so complete.Now naked we move unto the bed, I kiss you deeply and and lay you down moving my hand to your hair,your breast and you legs.I looked at your naked body and I see the most beautiful woman of my dreams within arms reach.I can see the moisture forming between your legs and the thrill of seeing the dark tanned skin turned to the fluffy pink of your inner rose bud made my member throb harder.I want you very much , my darling.I cannot think,only feel. I cannot consciously move any of my limbs,only respond to the passion which seems to consume me at the moment.I whisper as I kiss you,"I want you so very much, Ive been waiting for this moment all my life"......My lips press against yours with all the lust I feel for you, our tongues dance in and out so gracefully and lovingly,all the while expressing our our mutually mounting desire for the ultimate physical satisfaction.Not wanting to wait any longer you move you hand to the base on my now hard and eager part, circling it with your thumb and index finger,but not quite able to make them meet."you are very large,my love and I am getting wetter in anticipation of knowing just how you will feel inside of me".
I start to kiss your body on my way down,you started to pull my member closer to your lips, there now seems to be the race to see which one of us will taste and lick first,I smell your love juice, we moan together at the same time as you put your hungry warm mouth over mine and I thrust my tongue to the waiting love tunnel.You are almost the the brink already and you push your hips up and as you have your first orgasm I continue,like a starved infant,suckling,lapping up...I am at the verge of crying from the delight I feel as you are drowned by wave after wave,totally consumed by the ecstasy you are getting from me.There exists nothing in the entire universe at this moment,except the place where our bodies are connected.Soon,I beg you to stop. I cannot breath and I am on the verge of passing out under you from the pleasure you are giving me."Please,love,no more"...I cry out with a throaty growl.....You know the wonderous feeling we have given to each other and the urge to take each other to the same level of pleasure and heaven.But then, lover you know that the energy you are putting into my action is causing me intense warmth,my pleasure is building and as you sense that my fluid build up is approaching the point of no return,you greedily continue to take me in,filling your mouth with a vast amount of energy ready to make blast at this moment... your head bobbing up and down,harder and harder, I feel your need to drink my life's essence , as I now hold your head ,gently pushing full length in you mouth as I suddenly explode,I feel the warm, thick love fuid of mine spurt out very hard and quickly from me as all muscles from my body seems to contract at once.You are completely filled, you swallow it all, not letting any drop escape your mouth as I send a surge after surge of hot fluid down your throat, your lips stay fastened on my lifeless manhood as the sucking continues,only harder now so you drink every drop with every intensity you have ever felt.Making us completely and undyingly happy is all I need to be totally satisfied and in love.We are both aware that we finally exprienced the first of many ways we shall make love to each other.The day is young and we will find many ways to make love.Only now I need to hold you and kiss you and feel your heart race.Holding your face in one of my hands and gently stroking your cheek...We are connected in spirit,mind and bodies.It was as we dreamed it would be, and in our hearts,knew it would be.we smiled and kissed deeply.My lips are in your chin and nibble very gently,I breathe in your ear and feel you caress me tighter.Our bodies are intertwined now,our legs pressed between each other.This is an incredible feeling,and we know this is just the beginning.I can now honestly call you my lover for at least you truly are. I cannot believe the luck in finding you, and I cannot find words to express my longing to know each and every part of you....I know such total contentment and absolute bliss but since words are inadequate to describe my feelings I only sigh and press my fingers against yours.You kiss me back and and you feel my head settle on the back of your neck.I hear your breathing becomes steady and regular now that you are sleeping.Sleep comes quickly as I dream of the angel on my pillow,my love eternal, my soul mate for life...."

broer2165 49M
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4/25/2006 1:35 pm

So beautiful, so real... don't know how to comments coz i almost can feel it and taste it.

rockman327 61M

4/27/2006 5:29 am

Wow! This is truly beautifully written. You make me feel as as I am there with you. It so wonderfully describes the connection two lovers have both physically and emotionally. This is what every one longs for.

willo416 52M

5/7/2006 4:13 am

I really enjoyed reading this. The emotion in it is intense and consuming.
It seem like you have lived this over and over in your mind many times.
I would like to experience something as intense as this one day

bananacreamypie 47M

5/9/2006 6:19 am

wow... what can u say thats stunning just like the lady herself

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