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3/25/2006 10:36 pm

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At last, its Saturday, one of the early treats I look forward on this lazy day is to give myself a little pampering. Im dying to get a massage, even just from the cheapest training school salon .My back , shoulders and neck are tormenting me, I badly need a rub. So as soon as the salon door opens ( exactly 10 am ) , I raced myself with other costumers, there they are, young girls and boys in their 20’s having their stuff ready for the busiest day of the week. I sit back on my chair, took a deep breath , anticipated the very much awaited relaxation from the hands of my masseur.

I closed my eyes the moment he touched me. From the tip of my toes to the silky back of my leg, he ran his hand ,it was the gentlest touch I’ve ever felt. Each stroke emits a spark of energy, from the tip of his finger that runs through my vein, the unspoken language of sensuality started to ignite.

Up on my bum, to my waist, he worked his way, I felt his wanting, and the lust that he brings when he whisper, I didn’t understand it, but he turned me on with the warm breath on my ear and the silent moan he makes when he inhale my wet hair that smells like a flower blossom. At that very moment, We both knew; no word is necessary ….

He caress my shoulder , appreciating each contour as a piece of art, every inch he fondle with admiration, wanting a taste of it, wanting to take more of it , the fire was consuming me.Each press of his finger is a wetness replied,a clear hint on how he will take me, soft, easy.... as gentle as a feather,but as compelling as fire, I opened my eyes and they met his, I was too weak to keep a long stare.
from the full length mirror, I saw what I expected, the inviting hardness he could not hide, oh my sweet Lord, that bulge made me swallow my breath, a tempting sight!……

And so he continued with his erotic ritual, from the back, gently he glides his hands under my shirt, oh my God ,I was scared he will discover how receptive my breasts are, he would realize how hard my small buttons are, and how I was excited by his touch, how I wanted to feel him inside of me…My head is reeling, I’m feverish with desire...It stopped my heart for a while…..

“Your time is long overdue…there are costumers waiting in line…How come you’re already 2 hrs 10 minutes, its suppose to be an hour massage only??? “the receptionist
was quite annoyed with him…


End of my erotic adventure……I walked away with a big grin on my face, leaving him a tip….thanks,
( I wish I could take you home )

In the middle of a busy , noisy , crowded and cheap salon, there it happened, an erotic language, a sensual message invented by Adam and Eve, between two strangers , both almost burned by the flame called lust.

omgharry 50M

3/26/2006 4:11 am we go again another story from this goddess and i'm off to rub one out!!!

omgharry 50M

3/26/2006 4:26 am

That was soooooooooo gooooooooood

broer2165 49M
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3/27/2006 6:44 am

My... this one is getting to me too... i'm starting to imagining things... maybe i should apply to become a masseur and i wish B777 are willing to take me as 'her' personal masseur... Plizzzzzz...

rm_luvbrwnsugar 44M

3/29/2006 10:28 am

Hmmm, I could use a good massage. Where is this training school?

zuperdon 35M
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4/3/2006 10:22 pm

haha....naughty but yet classy....would u like to have another thrill??? ... we'll talk for sure

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