My Secret Admire  

rm_badgirl_694u 41F
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12/30/2005 10:55 pm

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My Secret Admire

Today I learn that a friend that I have known for a long time has told my girlfriend that he has always dream having sex with me. I was somewhat surprise for he has always been there for me doing that good times and bad. I could always reply on him for emotional support. We generally talk at least once a day and I never thought of anything more. Not that he isn't attractive or anything but I would hate to jeopadize my friendship with him. He left me at email stating that he wants to talk with me some girlfriend said he is going to ask me for a sexual friendship not sure if I should or not. I really don't want to lose my friendship with him now I feel I'm dam if I do and dam if I don't.. would like to know a man point of view on this.

rm_007bondings 66M
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12/31/2005 2:23 am

Ihave a girlfriend that I have known since she was 4. We have trawelled the world together, shared beds but never had sex. when she was 15 I touched her breasts for the first time.In bed at Waldorf Astoria we came close to penetration, but she said she did'nt want to, because she was afraid of loosing me as a friend. We have both lost two marriages since Waldorf Astoria,- maybe we should have had sex after all, and avoided all the trouble in between. Now we are both single again,-so..........
..but take this warning: Her younger sister had a more practical approach....gave me one hell of a summer many years ago,- but we did not maintain that very close friendship I have allways had with her older sister! Eat that!

rm_badgirl_694u 41F
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1/2/2006 7:35 am

According to that comment 007 bondings seems like Its best to remain friends lovers can come and go but friends are hard to come by.

term0821seven 42M

1/4/2006 12:59 am

It sounds to me that ur friend has become ur close friend to get closer to you. Dood must really have an interest in u to keep a secret like this so long. the only thing i can say is ur both adults we all know the truth cum's out after sex whether its good or bad people become comfortable. this is a roll of the dice that u will have to live by. One thing for sure, u'll surely find out how true of a friend he really is real soon.

DowntownCS 35M

1/5/2006 9:47 pm

Yes, if you guys are true friends. Then I would have to say no do not do it. I recently was in a situation just like what you are talkign about. We are still friends but we aren't as close as we were. So, its up too you, because you know by haveing sex the friendship will change. It depends maybe you guys will be closer or you will be a little further apart. Have fun and stay Safe! Hope to hear about it. Peace!

rm_badgirl_694u 41F
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4/7/2006 1:56 pm

Update on my secret year eve like most share with family friends and friend offer to take me home ..but instead stop by his place for a short errand..we talk and share a couple more drinks and before I knew it we were kissing and fondling one another. It has been a while for me and I felt like a kid in a candy store. Later my friend appologize saying he felt he took advantage of the situation and that maybe I had one too many drinks...I assure him I was in my right frame of mind and if anything he has loosen my anxiety..of losing what we have as friends.
Amazingly though I am surprise that I can still talk with him about anything and vice versa,we have since then did it two more times and the only reason it havn't been more because he wants to take it to the next level and become committed conclusively. Told him that I need more time on that and felt its only fair not continue in an intimate friend with benefits relationship until he know my answer..don't want to mislead him. In all honesty I would like to maintain the friends with benefits relationship and not the conclusive committed relationship I think that could possibly change things. I told him I would give him an answer on my birthday..April 28th. As always will keep you posted stay safe and have fun!

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