...and the dam breaks again  

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3/1/2006 11:49 pm

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...and the dam breaks again

Its 1:30am can't sleep don't know why then perhaps I do..memories of my decease husband flowing like it was yesterday. When there is small children envolve its always hard not to forget not that I want to. My son was 3 when he pass he is now 9..he is always in my heart and thoughts just some days toughter than others. Especially when my son or 8 year old daughter ask about him. My Daughter wants to go to his grave site and put flowers there she doesn't remember the funeral and I had family members take them out during the viewing of the body.
Not sure if its a good idea to take her. My son doesn't like cementaries and express that his father is in heaven not the ground. I explain that the soul is in heaven and the body which is a house for the soul is in the earth.
He said he can talk to his father in his heart and in his prayers. My daughter understands and is more mature than my son eventhough younger...most girls are, however she still wants to put flowers on his grave. I haven't been there since I buried him think I'm more like my son, but don't want to deny her should I take her and him? The questions about him are sometimes so difficult I try to answer and talk about him without getting emotional but nevertheless the dam breaks all over again.

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3/28/2006 2:21 am

Thanks mzhunyhole for the positive uplifting comment.

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