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9/22/2005 9:31 am

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Over the edge

You know, it is hard to admit that what I am looking for is a woman that will take me over the edge. It is hard to admit what "the edge" means. Having met more than a half dozen "Switches" I have been cautiously moving ever closer to the "Tops". Very few are pure "Spanko's" many require "strapons" and anal, and I'm just not into it, nor am I bi.

I turned down one very beautiful woman who was a true spanko, because she wanted to spank me and her husband during the same session. It is only recently that my mind has wandered to the possibility of a woman spanking me in front of another woman, but no men.

So last night while on my yahoo IM, I asked a woman on my list who had promised me a spanking if she had bought a wooden hairbrush yet. I should mention that I have known her for more than 3 years socially, she became aware of my spanking desires about a year ago, while also admitting a desire to spank, but no experience. She told me of a previous relationship she was in, where her attempts to turn her boyfriend over her knee were rejected. Now I still don't know what to think, because I think of her as this nice hippie chick, and she had recently stood me up for a date where she was going to "satisfy her need to spank".

During last night's IM chat she made it pretty clear that she is ready to dish out some punishment. She had been in a BDSM relationship, had been collared, so knows the ropes quite well. She said I should mount my camera on a tripod so that she can get a shot of the first tear....

There is another woman in my life who has never spanked a man, but who professes a strong desire to do so. She saw me sitting in a yahoo chat room, checked out my profile which makes it pretty clear the type of woman I need, and said "I've always believed all men could use a good paddling now and then" We chatted for a couple of months, traded photos, I supplied her with copies of my ample collection of F/m spanking pictures, art, and videos. Scheduling conflicts lead to 2 cancelled dates, and an upcoming surgery has left my next possible meeting with in limbo.

Guys are asking me on chat all the time, if I have any luck finding woman who spank in Rochester NY and the answer is yes. Finding one who is more interested in being a Spanker rather than a spankee is another matter.

That's what's going on in my corner.

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