Wednesday - 30 MArch 2006  

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3/29/2006 10:35 pm
Wednesday - 30 MArch 2006

Well seeing that I haven't had time for any new encounters so far, I have decided to post a joke for all my Afrikaans friends on the site :

Oom Kallie en Tant Anna ry in New York toe 'n taxi langs hulle stop.
Die taxidriver se toe vir hulle: "Good morning!"
Tant Anna vra toe vir Oom Kallie: "Pappa, wat sê hy?"
Toe antwoord Oom Kallie: "Ag, hy sê sommer hallo." En hulle ignoreer die
taxidriver heeltemal.
Toe vra die taxidriver: "Hey, where you from?"
Tant Anna vra toe: "Pappa, wat se die man?"
Oom Kallie antwoord: "Ag, hy vra sommer waarvandaan ons kom." En hulle
antwoord nie die taxidriver nie.
Die taxidriver sê toe: "Hey, I've been to South Africa and I had the
worst sex there ever!"
Tant Anna vra toe weer: "Pappa, wat se hy?"
Oom Kallie: "Hy sê hy ken jou!

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