Saturday - 25 March 2006  

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Saturday - 25 March 2006

Well here is a luck ....normally don't work on Saturdays, so no chance of a bit of fun over the weekend. However had a client that could not wait for Monday ......
I finished early with the appointment and decided to go and pay Chante a visit again.

When I arived at Chante's flat, she were not there, but Mandy where. Mandy invited me in and we started chatting. she mentioned that Chante has spoken to her about the 3 some and she were happy to partake, but wanted to sample the goods for herself first. Well not one to deny a lady her wishes, we started making out. We moved to her room and undressed. As we lay in the bed, I focussed my attention onto her breast as soon as possible, sucking those large babies one for one. I mentioned that Chante gives great head and Mandy replied that I have'nt seen anything yet ! She then started to give me, what turned out to be, a 20 minute blow job. Man it were out of this world, I almost lost my mind and my load just there.
After that "ordeal" she got on top of me and rode me hard until we both exploded into orgasm.

As I were leaving we were met by another girl in the lounge and Mandy introduced her as Tony. Tony is 18 and have just moved in with Chante and Mandy. She is a friend of Chante's from Jnb and will be spending some time up here in Dbn, before starting varsity next year.

We had a bit of a chat and it turns out that these girls share everything !

Well can't wait to get Chante and Mandy together for that promised 3 some !

I had to take a long drive home to compose myself.

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