Toilet humor  

rm_babyboomer26 66M
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7/1/2006 8:56 am

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8/5/2006 8:42 pm

Toilet humor

I can always gauge the state of my love life by my toilet paper consumption. A roll of tp lasts me a year if I'm by myself, but add a female to the equation and it doesn't last a week. What the heck do women DO with all that tp???


rm_sexxikritter 52F
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7/1/2006 10:58 am

Do you REALLY want to know the answer to that?
Love the new pic, btw. Was it taken in Ireland?

rm_babyboomer26 replies on 7/1/2006 12:15 pm:
Close. It was Scotland, but I bought the sweater in Ireland the day before.

Hydragenias 56F

7/1/2006 8:33 pm

How can anyone make ONE roll of tp last a year? You must be a ONE SQUARE at a time user, lol ..........but I don't really need to know that

rm_babyboomer26 replies on 7/2/2006 6:13 pm:
Actually, I can get by with half a square if it's double-ply!

curiousinlorain7 59F

7/1/2006 10:38 pm

WARNING this warning and disclaimer is for all you reading below comment. If you have no sense of humor and can't tell tongue in cheek when you read it, pass by to next comment please!!!
we are first off using tp to send secret messages to other women as to meeting places, when to call to get other women out of having sex with spouse/boyfriend, leaving notes that tell of the next best bargain, great excuses why they and boyfriend should just be friends ( and you thought all excuses sounded alike by pure chance?) then next thing is we are writing out hidden agenda. Not in how to take over the world!!! (we've already done that!) Just how to blame men for all the wrong in it!!! Okay i've had my jollies Please please don't write me and say how bad i's a JOKE!!

rm_babyboomer26 replies on 7/2/2006 6:12 pm:
Thanks for explaining that for me. I knew you couldn't be using ALL that paper just to wipe yourself!

tastycouple55 69M/69F

7/2/2006 5:57 pm

oh mzhunyholw you so have a great sense of humor. You can keep right up with babyboomer. ROFLMAO

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