Profile pictures - question for the ladies  

rm_babyboomer26 66M
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5/28/2006 5:56 pm

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10/3/2007 1:50 am

Profile pictures - question for the ladies

I notice a lot of the ladies have "don't send cock pictures" in their profiles. Not having browsed men's profiles, I wonder how many men say "don't send tit or pussy pictures?"


angelofmercy5 58F
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6/13/2006 8:12 am

lol! I'd like to know too! Let me know when you get the answer!

tastycouple55 69M/69F

7/2/2006 6:10 pm

Havent had any say that yet in the ones I looked at. They say the more pictures the merrier. Its a never ending Do You Have More?

redrobin012057 59F

8/21/2006 5:00 pm

OMG Boomer....(shock, horror , gasp!!!) is that yours????Riviting is all I can say )I have never come across that in all the time I've been on the site. Must share an email I got the other day, maybe you can help me decipher it.

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