My first lesson in how the REAL world works  

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6/22/2006 8:50 pm

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My first lesson in how the REAL world works

So here I was. Senior year in college. I went to my adviser to review my transcript and graduation requirements. We discovered I was missing a required course: English 101 - a freshman composition course.

Naturally, at this stage of my college career I had absolutely no desire to sit in some lecture hall with 150 fuzzy-faced freshmen. I knew by that time I could write. After all I had written countless term papers.

I was an avid bridge player in college and my regular bridge partner was an English professor. I was a much better player than he was, and he knew it. As luck would have it, he was teaching English 101 that semester, so I enrolled in his class.

Well, I never attended that class. Never took an exam, midterm or final. At the end of the semester, we were having drinks at his house after a game of bridge. He asked me if i remembered enrolling in his class. I said I did. I knew he wouldn't fail me, he'd probably give me an incomplete or something of the kind. He proceeded to tell me that in all good conscience he couldn't give me an A.

When my grades came through, I had an A- in English 101. I actually got three college credits for playing bridge. I think that was the single most important lesson I learned in four years of college.

What was your first lesson in how the world really works?


BaronessK 52F

7/2/2006 2:01 am

When I was 7, standing staring at the bench desk of a police officer hearing the slime ask my mother if I had 'led on' the old sleaze {her husband at the time} who had molested me. I learned then and there to speak my mind whether anyone 'heard' me or not; and I learned that my mother would never be the one to do that for me no matter what my age or the situation.

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