it's been a long time  

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8/31/2005 1:27 am

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it's been a long time

so there are a few things that have happened within the last week or so that has brought me back to write in this thing....
it all started when i stupidly answered my cell phone one night.....on the other end.. and old friend, let's call him Josh, and my other friend, we will call him James.
so Josh informed me that him and James were on their way over to my house and they were walking so it would be a few minutes. I stupidly said that I would be outside waiting for them. They got here in about 20 minutes. We talked about stupid stuff for a lil bit. Then they were telling me that I was going to go in the back yard and mess with them. I of course refused as usual. About 10 minutes later I was in my backyard with my head in James' lap. After fighting with them for a few minutes we all ended up on the ground. Josh got behind me and pulled my pants down after he got his pants down. James sat in front of me and pulled his pants down. Then next thing I know Josh had his dick rubbing my already wet pussy. I had James' dick in my mouth. Josh slid his dick into me and starting slowly sliding it in and out. With every thrust my head bounced down on James' dick. It felt so good. Josh started to thrust harder and harder. I couldn't help but moan a little. While in the middle of our fun, James' phone rang. The next thing I know we stop and they get up. One of their girlfriends had called and they had to leave. That depressed me. After that I went and took a shower. Having a shower head that has different pulses on it I sat down and turned it to the one I have used before. I had to finish what they couldn't. Then I went to bed.

Tonight Josh and James came over again. This time it didn't take long before we were visiting that spot we had seen earlier in the week. I was talking on the phone so I couldn't really put up much of a fight this time. James sat in front of me again and Josh was behind me. With one hard thrust Josh was inside of me once again. Being on the phone all I could do was make faces. James thought this was funny. The next thing I know Josh had my phone and I had James' dick in my mouth. We got right on with the perfect motion again. Josh was talking to my friend and all of a sudden he smacked my ass. It was loud and I was sure that my friend heard.James started laughing. Josh handed my phone to James and he talked for a few minutes... just until Josh was pounding so hard that he was slapping my ass with his body. James told my friend that I was inside and I would call her as soon as I came back out. We went for a few minutes more and just as Josh was about to cum he couldn't. It was like it just stopped. I wasn't very happy with it because a few minutes before I slammed my head into James' leg and it bounced off and hit the ground. It felt like I had broken my nose. As they were walking away, Josh told me that they were coming back. I shut off my phone and I don't plan on turning it back on til I get up for class in a few hours.
I know there aren't too many details but I'm tired. There will be more soon. For now, I'm off to bed. I need some sleep.

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