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5/4/2005 12:19 am

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So I was talking to my sisters tonight and the conversation got pretty funny. One of my sisters wanted to know how to give head. Another sister brought out Jenna Jamison's book and started to read the 10 comandments for giving good head. One of our brothers was there so we asked for his imput on the subject. We found out the guys do like eye contact, he loves for girls to swallow ( it's either all or nothing for him. lol), girls that suck dick have to have an oral fixation otherwise they might not do it ( don't know about that one.), and finally YES YOU DO HAVE TO SPIT OR MAKE THE DICK WET BEFORE YOU SUCK ON IT! I don't know how you would do it dry but whatever. It helped that the guy is hot as hell and when he was talking about what he liked I pictured myself between his legs doing whatever he liked to him. I had to leave the room a few times due to it. The thought of my sucking on his dick turned me on sooo much. I don't know why or for what reason it did but it did. Oh well. He's heading home tomorrow so I guess I will have to wait till next semester or this summer to find out what it's really all about.

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5/4/2005 4:56 am

Have you ever done a 69 before? I'd love to eat that pussy of yours...

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