Just about bit the "Big One"  

rm_b2dnar 62M
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5/5/2006 3:10 pm

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6/19/2006 8:05 am

Just about bit the "Big One"

As an admitted neophyte around here, I have still found it a quite interesting "marketplace" for interaction. There seems to be a quite diverse collection of souls posting - for a variety of different reasons.

Ran into one of those "different" reasons just today.

Finally figured out how to navigate, read a few profiles, and make contact with one whose posted reasons for being here were fairly close to my own. Sent and e-mail and, much to my surprise, received one quite quickly.

Having not just "fallen off the turnip truck," my spidey senses were a bit alerted. The response was a little too slick, a bit too canned. But there were a few comments that gave me a reason to pause - and respond to the invitation to strike up a conversation.

I was provided a link to another site that, at first blush, seemed to be a clearing house. But as I worked my way through I was finally met with the "Pay Here for Further Access" option. And yes, the information I was seeking was behind that payment door.

It took a bit for the light bulb to go on - but it did. Then I stepped back and re-visited the entire process - and I have to admit - I have to give the gal (or whomever was on the other end) a fair bit of credit!

Pretty well thought out process - cast the bait into a known spawning pool, wait for one to take the bait, and try to set the hook. We have all heard about the "big one that got away" and I'm certainly not presenting myself as one of those - but every now and then, even the smaller fish know when to avoid the hook.

I can only assume that the payoff was a cut of the admission fee. Further, I have this sneaky suspicion that if I HAD paid the admission fee - that would have been the last I would hear from this person. But, again, I gotta admire the process. After all - who are you going to complain to?

Yes, I've read a great number of the posts in other blogs crying out that many of the gals (?) on here are scammers, so this didn't really come as any surprise. However, in retrospect, it does have an element of humor around it at this point.

Please don't mistake me - I'm sure there are any number of "legitimate" Ladies who participate here for whatever reason. We're all looking for something lacking in our lives - and so am I. I'll keep looking unti I am fortunate to find it - after all, sometimes the journey is as fun as the destination.

Best of Luck to all - and I'd be interested in hearing the experiences of others along this line. Might make for a great "tale-swap" over a beer sometime.

B2 out

rm_sj365 55F
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5/5/2006 5:12 pm

it does seem there are many 'fakes'out there, but i'm sure us real folks far outnumber the fakes. the blogs are a great place to seperate the 2...welcome

rm_b2dnar 62M

5/5/2006 9:09 pm

G'Day, SJ

Yes, I'm sure the "good un's" are plentiful - or at least I'll hold to that thought for a while! And while I hadn't thought about it in that light - I agree the blogs do make for a valid "proving ground."

That old saying just keeps ringing in my head (the big one) "If it seems too good to be true - it probably is!" However, being the eternal optomist I am - I still hold to the thought that out there lurks someone seeking the same thing I'm after.

Thank you for the welcome. I have a number of quite fond memories that harken back to Des Moines. Thanks for the reminder!

B2 out

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