let me answer all the questions  

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8/5/2005 12:46 am

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let me answer all the questions

several women have written and asked what,if anything,they are missing by not being with an older man,so let me tell you my perspective on the issue(selfish though it may be)..1. older men are obviously more experienced in the ways of pleasing a woman..no "wham,bam..thank you ma'am" 2. older men, as opposed to most(certainly not all) younger guys are not looking solely for their own gratification. The woman's pleasure is of paramount importance to them as well..3. older men are so much more appreciative of younger women and their bodies..not something we ever take for granted...4. most older men( I NEVER speak of "all") are gentlemen and know how to behave...table manners,polite conversation,holding a chair for a woman at dinner,opening a car door...it's just a generational difference..5. most older men are hip to the world,its politics,finances,current events,the art and music scenes(at least I am)..6. most older men have infinitely more time to devote to a woman since we have already made our careers and do not work 26 hours a day.....if you women reading this have not considered these things, perhaps you should...and oh,yes, we are ever so greatful!!!!

califshewolf 68F

9/20/2005 4:35 pm

If half the men here treated women like this, they would be much more likely to find someone wonderful to be with. It doesn't hurt to be a gentleman, even if your primary purpose is to have sex...most women will appreciate it.

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