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8/21/2006 10:29 pm

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This is my political outlook, take it or leave it.

“As terrible as 9/11 was it didn’t repeal the constitution.” Those words bring chills to the spines of conservative Americans across the land. It is interesting and chilling that an act of war visited upon our country has been boiled down to a conservative versus liberal battle of political wills. Our very system of policing and our base federalist ideals upon which our country were founded have set up an interesting dichotomy. We have a system predicated upon minimalist government intrusion. We have states rights to make laws within their own borders, upheld by police powers that the states divest, all set up by our founding fathers who were escaping the wrath and persecution of unjust governments and royal bloodlines. Interestingly, the aforementioned government might have been better equipped to handle this current situation. The ability to detain suspected enemy combatants at will, to search without showing cause, to intrude into a man’s castle without warrant would all serve the fight against terrorism well. What is lost upon liberal minded members of our society is that we are at war. There is not ambivalence there. We are fighting a war against an enemy that seeks to exploit a major weakness, our inability to gut out the cost to personal freedom, and our complete lack of understanding of what a war costs, both in terms of lives and freedoms.
Many people focus on the current situation and proclaim that our civil liberties are being assaulted. What civil liberties does a combatant have? Do these people realize that we are as a people all combatants? Osama Bin Laden as recently as last month issued an edict that children were legitimate targets of his Al Qaeda terrorists. The attacks that occurred on September 11th 2001 were a continuation of the shots fired against us on February 26th, 1993 when the first attempt was made to bring the towers down, and according to Bin Laden this is merely a continuing effort to fight a war that started in the 11th century. Our country has a history just over two hundred years old. We think in terms of now. We are fighting an enemy that thinks in terms of victory, whenever it can be achieved no matter how long that takes. We should have heeded the words the Bin Laden chose to use last month when he called us crusaders as he has always chosen his words carefully and has up until now always carried out each threat he has made.

What does that mean to our people? We see the protests. We hear the patriot act decried and reviled as an undoing of our principals. But if we are beaten by an enemy that thinks in terms of centuries what principals, what rights would we have at the end of that fight should we lose? We are a nation of laws and justice, and rightfully we apply that way of thinking to many actions we encounter. Mistakenly, we are trying to apply that way of thinking to combat. President Bush has adopted what some say is a crime control model to combat terrorism. If this is true and it seems many on the left and right believe it then we have a great battle ahead of us. Who would expect a general to fight a war using a crime control model? Who would hamper the ability of our armed forces by applying the constitution, and the rights it grants to our people to all enemy combatants. In the time of our forefathers the penalty for treason was clear, and for good purpose. But today that logic is assailed as right wing propaganda. Genghis Kahn and Sun Tzu would be laughing in their graves to see the way we hamstring ourselves in a fight for our very survival.
What then is our problem here? We are approaching this problem as a law enforcement issue. The FBI conducted a criminal investigation each time the World Trade Center was attacked, but at its root this was not a criminal act any more than shooting an enemy on the battle field is an act of criminal homicide. How ludicrous would it seem to investigate each and every death caused by our forces, yet we have, as a people accepted the basic premise that these acts of war are some sort of criminal misbehavior that can be dealt with by law enforcement. Our law enforcement structure is really based on municipal governments keeping law and order intact. We do not want to be watched by armed soldiers. We left that behind many hundreds of years ago. We adopted the strategy that our local laws would be enforced by a local constabulary, with limited and well defined powers. We wrote a constitution that ensured certain freedoms to each individual. We devised a government that had checks and balances so that there would never be a time when our military would have the ability to use the “kings” power against its own people. And all this was done at a time when war could not be easily visited upon us by an enemy nation because of the vast distances to be traveled and the cost associated with that war would be devastating. We could only hope today that the enemy was coming in wooden ships, fueled by wind.

On 9/11 our constitution was not repealed. In fact on 9/11 our constitution was reinforced. Our way of life, our very existence was validated. Our people have long stood for freedom. We have accepted within our borders more immigrants than any other nation at any other time. And each of those people shares in the vision of our founding fathers, a vision of freedom from persecution and unjust laws, a vision of freedom, of hope. On 9/11 we received a message, a message of hate. Hatred for a way of life, hatred for freedom of religion, hatred for freedom of speech, hatred of women’s rights, hatred of a people that have shown the world what freedom can mean and what freedom can do. Freedom is a liberating and intoxicating drug, a drug the enemy wants to keep from with in its own borders so it exports a war to ours. We may sacrifice some liberties, but that is a much smaller crux to bear than a sacrifice of life. We may offend our enemy by not offering the same rights and benefits afforded to our people, but if we as a people do not realize that this is in fact a war, not a crime scene we may find it difficult to overcome the will of our adversary, an adversary that will wait as long as time itself.

rm_watchulickme 56F

8/22/2006 7:21 pm

I realize you consider yourself an atheist...but from your lips to God's ears...and more importantly...everyone in between.

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8/23/2006 9:18 pm

So, are you saying that we should discard our principles and "fight dirty"? Not that I'm opposed to that idea, mind you. The British Army found out that fighting as gentlemen was getting their asses kicked in the American Revolution, when they would take the battlefield in a solid line of red tunics and the revolutionaries were picking them off like empty beer bottles from behind rocks and trees. They learned quickly enough to adapt. It's time we did, too.

Personally, if they want to fight dirty, then I say all bets are off and screw what the world thinks of the US for our "interrogation practices". Bin Ladin's Holy War is based on an eye for an eye premise. So let's give it to them, right in the eye, and be done with the whole thing for once and for all. And if that make the US the world's biggest bully, so be it.

rm_azhocksprock replies on 8/23/2006 10:57 pm:
i'll lift a mug to that sentiment.

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