The man who orgasms quickly and without a sound -- Why?  

rm_azChandler 70M
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3/16/2006 6:54 am

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8/3/2006 9:33 am

The man who orgasms quickly and without a sound -- Why?

Awh, his culture has gotten him! Now you need to communicate
what culture has done to him! Ask him how he masturbates
and what he enjoys about masturbating! What you want to
look for is, if culture has dictated his masturbation and
I suspect it has! What do I mean, well it's a sin, taboo,
wrong buga buga buga and so on. This culture will caused the
boy to man to have to masturbate in private, solo and has
to be a secret, but he has too, gawd he has to masturbate,
becasue he has to releave himself! So what has he been doing
for years and years, hidding, being quite and releaving
himself as fast as possible! MAKE SENSE???

TO be come good at a muscle response effort like oh juggling,
you have practice doing it nearly 3000 times to have muscle memory,
then the action comes naturally!

Guess what his masturbation muscle memory is like!!

So, guess what, communicate this to him and tell him you
would love to see him masturbate and tell him it is ok to enjoy
the pleasure of the feeling and don't rush it, make
it last as long as he can stand --- he's got to over come
his old habits!!!

Now when he is ready to cum, tell him you want him to yell out
loud your name 3 times, I mean as load as you can stand it!!

This should improve his preformance and break his culture

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