OMG I'm I Cut Wrong?  

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2/22/2006 12:30 pm

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3/28/2006 6:44 am

OMG I'm I Cut Wrong?

I'm cut and cut with a lot of loose foreskin that permits foreskin rolling over my penis head! I masturbate daily or more, so I love the feeling of the foreskin rolling over my penis head. Now is my foreskin the reuslt of being cut right, or is it because I masturbate a lot causing the foreskin to get longer, hummm, don't know the answer to that question

A while ago, I was chatting with a gal who’s daughter was going to have a baby boy and the mother told her daughter to leave him uncut! I was curious why! I asked and she said guys that get cut have a shorter penis when erect! I laughed and said hummm, and told her that isn't’t true and she remarked that: the cut guys have no foreskin when hard, which restricts a full erection!

Jeeze what did I know, I had loose foreskin and no restriction in length issue! So, then I started paying attention on a few webcam sites and looked at the cut guys and OMG, soo many have no loose foreskin!!! Then I wondered, is this a real problem? What kind of problem would it be? So my next few masturbation sessions, I paid particular attention to my sensations and the action the loose foreskin played! OMG, that loose foreskin was key to my satisfaction and gawd can’t imagine the enjoyment of masturbation with out the loose foreskin rolling over my penis head along with paying attention to the nerve endings that where in the foreskin!! I have never needed lubrication and can masturbate for hours! Wow, what do the guys with no foreskin do or feel?? Jeeze, they must need a lot of lubrication and even with that, they still don’t get that feeling of the rolling foreskin over the penis head, oh gawd they are crippled guys and they don't even know it!! Oh, in addition the guys cut to much suffer from clothing rubbing on their penis head, resulting in further desensing of the penis and with the extra foreskin cut off, they also lost additional sensory nerve endings OMG!!!

Mama don't cut the baby, unless you get a doctor that can assure you that he will only cut a small amount! Why do I say that? Well my mom told me about my Dad, who was not cut. He had difficulties when erect, meaning the foreskin was too tight and when erect it hurt to have sex!! I think that is why I was slightly cut and not fully cut! He got the foreskin cut, t the age of 32, to correct for non retracting foreskin!

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