How do you find the right size for a Condom?  

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3/16/2006 6:37 am

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How do you find the right size for a Condom?

Good question, I had the same question and didn't find
an answer!

My problem was, I was normal sized, well how would I know
different! I aways had a hard time getting a condom on, but
again didn't know if it was supposed to be easy or not!

After loosing a regular sized condom, in a gal, I desided
to figure out what size is best! A girl friend and I went to
a sex shop and asked about their condom selections and what
size went with what sized guys, gawd she really had no clue,
so no need to repeat her comments!

So a week later I called my girl friend and said, hey lets
test the trojan regular to the magnum and to the mangum XL!
She laughed and said how! Well this get s bit funny! Being
that I couldn't get blow jobs from ex and new wife either,
I tried to figure out why---! As it turns out I can't
get my cock into the standard Toilet Tissue Paper roll (TP
roll -- for short), limp yes, but not hard! Then I stuck a
TP roll in my mounth and laughed my ass off and said to my self,
NO WONDER!!! So now I now had a metric to test cock to condom!

Well we got several TP rolls and labled them with reg, mag
and xl and then put condoms on the TP rolls for the size indicated!!
Results is that regular is hard to get on and the roll off
(condom over the edge of the end of the TP roll) was about
an less than inch, mag and xl were easy and roll off was about
2.5 inches! The lable on the mag XL stated that the mag xl
was 30% larger, humm we couldn't tell the difference!

Bottom line, if you can get into a TP roll then use regular,
if you can't, use mag and if you have an ego , then use
xl, lol!

The other thing to take into consideration is lenght of
free foreskin when hard, I have a lot so rolling the condcom
on it goes fully on, but after a bit of playing the condom
only looks half on! Well the free skin takes up condom length!
Point is, I lost the condom in a gal, because I used a regular,
that fit, however, after some play, the short regular condom
can work off!

Hope that helps!

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