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6/16/2006 1:09 pm

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Another favorite Japanese porn star (pictured left).

She's got a slender body, well-shaped and soft boobies, and a cute face. But she's not just that.

In this video titled "Hyper Digital Mozaic vol.011", nao. is amazingly cute personality-wise. In the first session, nao. in her red bras and pants does "lotion-play" where she applies motion lotion to a guy's boxer brief, saying, "Do you feel good with your penis slippery?" She rubs the guy's penis with her pussy slit, saying with a smile, "Don't you feel good with my pussy and your penis rubbing against each other?" When the guy can't help ejaculating with her blow job, she giggles a little.

In the second session, when she lets her pussy rubbed by another guy's finger, she asks, "Which do most girls like to be rubbed, her clitoris or pussy?" When the guy finger-fucks her and makes her ejaculate, she starts giggling, stopping the guy from finger-fucking, saying, "Ejaculation makes me feel very embarrassed..."

rm_TokyoMBoy27 34M

11/21/2006 6:32 pm

Ahhhh. How can we get girls from other nations to act like Japanese girls in bed....

I might write a book about this... seriously... It's important for mankind!

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