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Shibuya Stylish

I'm now staying in Tokyo, the world's capital city of sex and porn industry. The first thing I did here was to go to Shibuya Stylish, a "fashion health" shop in Shibuya, the part of Tokyo where fashionable youngsters hang around.

You may wonder what a "fashion health" is. Rather than explaining it in a dictionary way, however, I simply describe what I did in the following. I think it's more straightforward because Japanese sex businesses are quite complicated to explain.

Shibuya Stylish is located off a narrow but quite busy alleyway. When you enter the place, there is a small room with a counter. Here you pay the service charge in advance. I printed out a coupon on its website, so I paid only 13,000 yen (around 110 US dollars) for the 50 minute course. If you don't have a coupon, it will be 14,000 yen (or 15,000 after 5pm) plus the membership fee 1,000 yen, the hotel room fee 1,000 yen, and a charge for choosing the girl to play with 2,000 yen. I added an option of inserting fingers to the girl's pussy. It costs an extra 2,000 yen. Other available options include taking photos (at most twice) for 2,000 yen, using a vibrator for 3,000 yen, watching (and drinking, if you like) the girl's pee for 3,000 yen, ejaculating onto the girl's face for 4,000 yen, and finally having your sperm drunk by the girl for 5,000 yen.

The staff at the counter (a young guy) then showed me the list of girls currently working. There were 10 girls working when I entered the place. You can see a large photo of each girl, the data on her height, breast-waist-hip sizes, and the options each girl can accept (some girls do not want, say, to drink your sperm). These girls were all beautiful - slender with a cute face. Some have large breasts while others have small ones. After wondering for about 5 minutes, I chose a girl named Maria. There were several reasons for this. Maria is very slender: with the height of 167 cm and the waist size 57cm. She has small breasts (81cm and b-cup) - I love girls with small breasts. She's also new to this industry - I didn't want to play with an experienced, professional girl because I wanted to forget I had paid for what would follow.

After paying the service charge, the staff guy returned a 1,000 yen bill, saying, "You need to pay this bill to the guy in charge of playing rooms." I was asked to wait in a room next to the entrance until Maria gets ready. There were four other men waiting. None of them didn't look at me. The walls of this room are full of photos of girls working in this shop. They are all beautiful. This is rather exceptional. Shibuya Stylish is famous for the quality of girls working, compared to other "fashion health" shops.

Then the young guy at the counter called me and explained where the play room was. Fashion health shops used to have play rooms at the same place as the reception, occupying one floor of a rather small building. But since a couple of years ago, the reception has been separated from playrooms. It seems a result of regulatory change. This kind of industry is implicitly allowed to exist by the city government, but the regulation often changes. So the way they do business changes over time.

The building with play rooms was just a 10-second walk away. When I climbed up the narrow staircase, a middle-aged guy was waiting. I paid 1,000 yen to him and he took me to a room upstairs and left downstairs.

When I opened the door, Maria was there, wearing a tight, black dress with the shop logo (see the photo). She was more beautiful than in her photo that I saw at the reception! After brief greetings, she asked me to take off my clothes. While having a chat with her, I took off my clothes. But when all I still wore was my boxer brief, I asked her to take it off for me. She misunderstood my request, saying, "I don't wear knickers." Wow. Anyway, she accepted my request with a smile. My penis was already half-hard. When she saw it, she smiled again.

She kept saying, "It's embarassing." I asked her when she started this job. "11 days ago." So she's not used to this yet, which makes her look very cute.

She asked me to have a towel around my waist on, and she took off her dress and put on a towel around her body as well, without showing her naked body yet. The first thing we need to do is take a shower in order to prevent STDs. Maria took me to a shower room next to the play room. An extra care is taken so that a customer won't see another customer here. She shouted, "We are going to use a shower room!"

In the shower room, both of us stripped the towel off. Her slender body revealed! She started washing my body very gently. She told me, "Why do you suddenly get quiet?" "Because I'm now a bit nervous," I answered. I'm not realy used to seeing a girl's naked body. That's why.

When she washed my penis, she used special soap named Grince (R). This is a very strong one so that any customer with STDs will feel pain. If that's the case, all the play will be done with a condome. She also washed my anus with this soap very gently.

When she finished washing my penis and rinsing it, she squatted and abruptly started a blow job! Her blow job was so gentle and delicate. Having my cock sucked by such a slender, beautiful girl made me feel extremely happy.

I was also asked to gargle with strong mouth washer. This is also to prevent and detect STDs.

After the shower, Maria asked me to go back to the room. Then she started washing her body by herself.

When Maria came back to the room, I asked her to put on the tight, black dress again, because I like foreplaying with a girl in a tight piece of clothes. When she did so, we sat down on the bed next to each other and started snogging.

Well, this is going to be very long. Let me finish here today and continue tomorrow.

nottycara 36F

6/12/2006 9:29 pm

wow.. with your blog i am discovering Japan!!
Looks like its really safe to play there
Thanks for sharing!!

rm_TokyoMBoy27 34M

11/21/2006 4:51 pm

Thanks for explaining that! I will have to check it out!

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