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9/20/2005 5:08 pm

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Saori Konno

Lots of apologies for not updating this blog for long. There is a reason for this, but I'll tell you this later. Today I just want to write about my favorite porn star.

Her name is Saori Konno. She was active in the Japanese porn industry several years ago (1998-2001). No one knowns what she is doing right now. But watching her slim body, long arms and legs, flat tummy, very soft and round-shaped boobies, cute face, and cute moaning voice, still makes my cock real hard. I swear she's the most beautiful (to me, of course) girl in the world. (I'm sorry that the photo on the left doesn't show her beautiful body. You can google "Saori Konno" to find Japanese porn video shop websites for foreigners where you can see some captured photos from her videos.)

She's not just beautiful but somehow different from other usual porn stars. She began her career as a low-profile porn actress with her name not written on the video package. Usually such girls disappear from the porn scene quickly. But she didn't. She finally released her solo videos. Even after that, she sometimes appeared in an indies video without her name written on the package or mentioned in the video. Funny, eh?

Very few men probably want to get married to a former porn star. But if it's her, I wouldn't mind.

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