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10/7/2005 5:50 pm

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Since around 2002, stylish porn video pay-sites featuring amateur girls have been flourishing in Japan. They all feature quite a few good-looking girls. Real Street Angel, Real Shodo, G-Area, Tokyo 247, Hime Mix, etc. (You can google these websites.)

Riho (pictured) is one of such girls featured in this type of website. Isn't she so cute? I like her face so much. Usually, if you like a girl's face, you don't like her body. Riho has got a perfect body as well. Oh my god. Riho in the cowgirl position is amazing...

The following is what I thought while watching this video.

1. I like the way girls change the tone of their moaning voice when they let a penis in to their vagina. Girls may say they don't want their moaning voice to be heard. But personally it's girls' moaning voice that makes my cock very hard. So don't be embarassed.

2. I like a blow job with noise of sucking saliva (and liquid discharged from Cowper's gland - what's an English name for this? Japanese call it "enduring liquid".) and a smile from the bottom of her heart. So express your joy on your face and get really dirty when you do a blow job, girls.

I think this kind of information - what men really like during the intimate course of actions - is valuable for girls even though tastes are obviously different among men. Because I've learned a lot from the sex confessions written by girls on the Internet. So I'll try to keep writing about it though there are very few girls reading this blog...

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