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Nao (pictured) is NOT a porn star. She's what we call 'fudol', short for 'fuzoku' (sex industry) idol. But don't misunderstand. She's not a prostitute. She does not have sex with her customers. She only lets her customers touch and lick any part of her body and gives a hand release, a blow job and 'sumata' (a fake sex where a girl rubs a lotioned dick against her slit without allowing it to enter her vagina).

Well, you Westerners may be puzzled a lot. Japanese sex industry is very complicated. There are a wide range of "no-sex" services like what Nao does to her customers. Obviously, the price is much lower than prostitution (which is illegal in Japan). Plus many good-looking girls around the age of 20 work in such places.

I went to such a place only once, when I felt I really wanted to do what a man should do: to please a girl sexually. At that time, I didn't have a girlfriend. And I was virgin at the age of 23. (Shortly after that, I met my ex and had my first sex with her, though.) I felt I was not a man. I didn't fulfill a biological duty as a man, which made me feel upset a lot.

When I entered the place, young guys behind the counter greeted very cheerfully, as if they told me not to feel guilty to come there. They showed me photos of girls currently available. If you don't like any girl, you can leave. But when you choose one by looking at photos, you need to pay an extra amount of money (about 10 US dollars).

I chose a girl named Ichigo (meaning strawberry). It's not her real name, of course. As far as I know, there is no girl named Ichigo in Japan. You can find such a name only in the sex industry or the porn industry.

This place is one of those "image clubs", where you can ask girls to wear your favorite costumes. I ordered school swimsuit (see 10th July of my blog), which required an extra amount of money again.

Then I paid the price beforehand. It was around 100 US dollars for 45 minutes. It was at 10am, the opening time of the place. If you go there in the evening, the price goes up. If you go for a longer time, the price goes up.

Until the girl gets ready, I was waiting at a waiting room where you can browse more photos of the girls working in the place. So many cute girls...

After five minutes or so, I was asked to go in. When I open the curtain, I met Ichigo-chan, who was cuter than I had expected. She got tanned while not in her photo. As I like tanned girls, this was a lucky miscalculation.

At this time, she wore yukata, Japanese traditional pajama. Right, it was a summertime. She took me to a "playroom" where we would do the stuff shortly. She asked me to take off my clothes. While I was taking them off, she folded my clothes piece by piece. Can you believe this?

She gave me a towel to hide my penis as we now headed off to a shower room. To prevent STDs, every customer is required to take a shower before the play begins. In order to avoid bumping into other customers, the girl shouted, "We're entering the shower room now!"

In the shower room, she washed my body. My penis already erected, which made her smile. She wrapped my penis by her soaped hands. That was my first time to let a girl touch my thing.

She then asked me to gargle by using some medical liquid. This is to prevent STDs as well.

She then went away to wear my favorite clothes. I went back to the playroom by myself with a towel around my waist.

A few minutes later, Ichigo-chan showed up in a school swimsuit. She looked very cute! I usually hesitate to tell a girl that she looks great. But I couldn't help saying that at this moment.

We sat down next to each other. I actually didn't know what to do next. But before I knew, she started kissing me. It was a French kiss. She seemed to like me just by looking my appearance.

Then I made her lay down on her back, touching her body over the swimsuit. This was what I'd been imagining over years.

But the swimsuit was harder than expected. I couldn't enjoy the softness that women's body has. So I took off the top part of her swimsuit, revealing her boobs. I fondled them for the first time in my life. Then I wanted to do this from behind her. I turned her back and touched her boobs again. That was the time my penis ejaculated. Oh my God. I was so quick.

But I didn't care, keeping caressing her breasts. Then I finally wanted to see her pussy.

I took her swimsuit off. For the first time in my life, I saw a woman's pussy. (I hadn't seen uncensored porn videos by that time.) I wanted to insert my finger but that wasn't allowed at this place (because it may damage a girl's pussy).

So I started licking her pussy. I was determined to make her feel great. That was what I wanted most. Licking a pussy made it difficult for me to breathe. But I kept doing it until she somehow reached a small orgasm.

When I looked up, she smiled at me. We sat next to each other again. She reached her hand to my penis. I did the same for her. But that was the second time that my penis ejaculated. This time she noticed it, but didn't say anything.

She asked me, "What do you want me to do?" I said, "A blow job."

Her blow job wasn't so good, partly because I already came twice. After five minutes or so, I asked her to do "sumata", the fake sex. I didn't know how to do it. She first took a bottle of lotion and attend it to my penis. Then she grabbed my dick and began rubbing it against her pussy. It was the woman-on-top position. It was like actually having sex with her. I grabbed her hips and made her move more quickly. Then my third time in less than 45 minutes came.

My sperm, mixed with foamed lotion, was scattered around her belly. I took a tissue to help her wipe it away. Then the alarm went off, telling us the reserved 45 minutes had already passed.

She took me to the shower room again, washing each other this time. Then she went to her changing room and I went back to the playroom and put on my clothes. A few minutes later, Ichigo-chan in her yukata showed up again. When we were about to leave the playroom, she gave me a namecard of hers and a kiss. Giving a namecard is a sign that the girl likes her customer.

When we said good-bye, she gave me a short kiss. When I was leaving the place, I was fully satisfied with the fact that I did make her feel good, reassuring that I was a man.

That was four years ago when I lived in Tokyo. Now I'm in London without a girlfriend. I'm kind of falling into the same predicament. I haven't fulfilled my duty as a man for a long time! But this is Britain. There is no such great non-sex service available. What I want to do is not sex itself. It is to please a girl sexually. I want to hear a girl moaning as a result of my activity.

If you are reading this and you are a girl living in London, can you help me? (Well, obviously no one will do. I know. I just wanted to say that.)

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7/24/2005 3:10 am

Interesting article, and I understand what you're saying. Mostly if I'm single I entertain myself, but there are times when you wish you were pleasing another. As time goes on you feel like your using sex selfishly, and you want to remind yourself that you can be a good partner. I would never go to a prostitute as self-gratification isn't what I'm looking for, but the service you talk about offers food for thought.

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