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Since a couple of year ago, "elog" has become popular in Japan. Elog is a made-up word by combining "ero" (short for erotic) and "blog". As usual, Japanese people cannot distinguish "r" from "l".

Elog (or erog) is basically a weblog on erotic matters. So maybe those AdultFriendFinder.com's blogs, including this one, can be categorised as such. There are a variety of sub-genre. One of them is those blogs written by men who get laid one girl after another through dating websites. It's not clear if these elogs are real ones; they sometimes look like just advertisements of dating websites.

Dating websites in Japan have been thriving, especially those specializing in getting someone laid. You might say this AdultFriendFinder.com is one such. I wouldn't say that, because loads of girls seem to use such sites in Japan - such websites post ads in girls' fashion magazines - while there seem to be very few girls in this AdultFriendFinder.com - so a bunch of guys just have tough time even to get reply from girls...

What's unique in Japanese sexual dating websites is that you can use the site with your mobile. Japanese mobile phones have long been cutting egde. You can email messages, pictures, and movies from your handset. It's not text messaging; you need to enter email addresses, not phone numbers, to send email. So you can even exchange email between mobile and PC.

This seems to be one driving force of a high participation rate of girls in dating websites; girls don't use PCs much. They prefer mobiles. They enjoy registering themselves in such dating websites just like calling/emailing their mates.

Their motivation to use dating websites is also different. Here at AdultFriendFinder.com, girls seem only interested in doing something abnormal because they can't do such things with guys they meet in their off-line life. Japanese girls using dating websites, though, tend to be just lonely and willing to stay with someone, partly because they often distrust their parents and friends.

So Japanese men take advantage of this. They're lucky. I, living in London, am not lucky.

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