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1/1/2006 4:39 am

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A dream

In the early hours of New Year's Day, I saw a horny dream, which confused me a little.

The heroine was a Portuguese colleague who I always think is sexy. During the past year, we became closer friends than before. Initially, I fancied her. But as she has a steady boyfriend (as usual when I find someone attractive), I've come to forget about my fantasy. Also, I met a brilliant girl a few months ago. Now I'm in love with this girl deeply. So I shouldn't care about this Portuguese girl much.

In the dream, she was very aggressive, unlike her real personality. When we watched TV or something together, she suddenly pushed her chest against the back of my head. Naturally, I felt the softness of her boobs touching both sides of my head.

I turned back. She was smiling. I couldn't help but begin fondling her boobs. We enjoyed snogging.

Then I woke up, feeling very horny for the first time in a few months. Since I met the girl of my dream a few months ago (as I said above), I haven't managed to get myself horny. I lost interest in porn videos or in the girl I snogged on the August Bank Holiday (see the previous post). But that girl hasn't been in London much for the last few months. Now she's back in Japan. Although we met several times, it's not enough to memorize precisely how she looks, which prevents me from fancying her as a sex partner. So I've found it difficult to make myself horny recently.

The dream came in at such time. What's confusing me is the fact that I told the Portuguese girl that I met the girl of my dream the other day. She knew this. At the same time, when she invited me to watch a horny Brazilian film a few weeks ago (but I didn't go), we talked a bit about sexiness etc. During the course of conversations, she said she was annoyed by the idea that women must be sexy. So I said, "I don't see why you are annoyed. You're sexy. No doubt." She doesn't say anything about it, but seems to feel not too bad to hear it.

Given this, her aggressive move in the dream can be seen as a declaration of war against the status quo. And I found it very tempting. That sort of aggressiveness is what she lacks, which is also part of the reason I stopped fancying her. But I realise, if she approaches me like that, I won't be able to resist it.

That's the source of confusion. Worse, after waking up from this dream, I kept feeling horny, unable to fall asleep again. So I started masturbating by thinking about the logical progression after the end of the dream. But I couldn't manage to come. I was confused.

That's how year 2006 began for me...

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