the raid pt 2  

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7/5/2006 11:05 am
the raid pt 2

A male cop enters the scene and grabs her from the other officers by the hair. One of the lady cops removes her handcuffs, then the rest of her blouse.
A slight moan escapes from her lips as the controlling officer tugs on her hair. She arches her back and tries to kiss him but her turns away.
I have yet to see the face of the male officer, but by now I am quite sure it is the young man that she picked up in the bar the other night. I wonder where her husband is watching all this from. A quick scan of all the camera catches him in the full black attire of a S.W.A.T of A.T.F officer. “Ha! I knew he couldn’t be far,” I say out loud. The devil just looks at me like I’m nuts and continues staring at the scene unfolding before us.
The other female officer re-enters the scene with some kind of a stick in her hand. As she pokes our friend in the back I can see the electricity come off the end of the cattle prod with every anamilistic grunt she releases.
While the male pulls her hair, the first female places a full hood over our subjects head. The male then releases her hair and starts caressing her in a strangely gentle way. Her husband is now standing right next to him with a flogger in his hands. Just as she begins to sigh to his petting a crack splits the air and trickles of fresh blood dot her back.
Her knees buckle and he smiles, grabs her hair and pulls her to her feet.
The officer then begins playing with her hair and kissing her. She is fumbling with her free hands trying to lower her pants, but the female officer catches this and reapplies the handcuffs. “We will have none of that,” I hear her say.
Moans are the only replies.
“And I AM supposed to be evil?” the devil whines.
It only takes me a second to forget abut his presence again and fall back into the scene playing itself out on my monitor.
I did miss another whack from the leather apparently because there are fresh marks on her back.
Her whole body is now shaking. The female officer comes over, now completely naked, lifts her mask just above her mouth to give her a drink of water. Half of the glass of water gulps away instantly as dribbles from the over pour run down her chin and splash on her breast. As she pulls the glass away, she reaches in kisses her for a few seconds, unbuttons her pants and pulls the mask back over her mouth.
The police uniform pants are way too bug for her and they fall to the ground as soon as they are unbuttoned. She is wearing a tiny thong that is barely visable from the back. Before the pants can even strike the ground another loud crack fills the air as the flogger spreads itself out across her ass.
The younger officer massages the wound with a gentle touch before the moan can escape her mouth. He begins to nibble on the nape of her neck right below the mask as his hand forms silky circles over the fresh marks on each cheek. Her husband leans in and begins to kiss the other side of her neck as his hands disappear someplace in front of her. Her moans are muffled by the mask, but I could swear I hear her saying, “please.”
As if in response to her pleas both female officers come in and start kissing her chest, legs, and every place else a tongue dares to explore.
From this point I am going to have to leave you to your own imaginations because it all became a blur. I will say, however, that this couple have tought me that I have, in fact, not seen everything.

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