the outting pt 1  

rm_avezes2004 48M
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6/22/2006 9:37 am
the outting pt 1

She walks into the bar careful not to catch his eye just yet. She knows that he is waiting wondering when she will be here. he always gets over anxious and ruins the game if he knows she is there.

She takes her time to scope out a good target and waits until he is completely out of view of her husband. She starts walking over to the dark corner with the light bouncing off the walls and tables creating an intricate dance of silhouettes. Just before she gets to the new toy, she pull out her cell phone and dials her husbands number. All the while feeling the electricity of actually pulling of the game build on every inch of her skin.

The toy catches her stalking him and grabs her in a deep passionate kiss without a word. Momentarily she forgets that the game is as much for her husband is it is for her. Reality splashes her as she realizes the intensity with which this game is materializing. She presses send on the phone and leaves it half out of her pocket.

When he answers all he can hear over the music i....
To be continued.

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