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rm_avezes2004 48M
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6/22/2006 9:35 am
first encounter

I dont know how many of you have worked in a hot spot night club before, but daywork there can be excruciatingly dull. There is always that one barfly who comes in the minute you unlock the doors and tells you stories the whole time you do all of your prep work. Once they become a regular enough, you dont even have to actually be open for them to be there drinking while you do paperwork.

Well I have a customer like that. I dont remember exactly when it was he first started showing up treating me as his low wage shrink, but not a day goes by that he is not sitting at the bar talking to me as I set up, do payroll, make deposits, order liquor and all the other mundane tasks that civilians should never know about in their exciting get away.

I do, however remember how he started the conversation.

Do you believe in god, he asked nonchalantly.

Well if hell is real I guess he must be there, I replied.

So this is the place for all evil?

Sure why not.

Then why isnt he here?


You know who the bastard who created all of this shit and leads everyone to believe it is all MY fault.


You were a bright one werent you? Of course god. You think all of the plagues and famine and death and woes of the world are my fault dont you?

Well I guess so, I mean you are here arent you?

So are you.

touché. I said defeated.

Think about it for a minute. This god of yours

Not mine Im here with you remember. I interrupted.

This god of YOURs demands credit for all creation. He requires worship and reverence, Do you honestly think a self absorbed little shit like that would share any of his power. Even the power to destroy is his and his alone. I was given the power to rule hell and that is about it. I show up on earth every now and then and he takes advantage of it to strike and blame me. Im done. I quit.

Can you do that?

dunno, guess we will see.

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