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7/24/2006 12:37 pm
another event night

I love nudist nights
I don’t know how we ended up throwing this party on a monthly basis, but this is a “no clothing allowed party.” Yes me and my staff follow the rules of whatever party is being thrown.
One thing about hell that most people may not know is you don’t look like you did when you were alive here. You look like you saw yourself. If you had a low self esteem, saw yourself as fat and hideous then now you are. If you were overweight but still saw yourself as beautiful, you are model material here. Those of us that thought we were a little above average, or average really look about like we did on earth. At least the best I can remember. The eyes are all that never change. You can see a person’s soul through their eyes. Funny that turned out to be more than just a saying.
Well enough rambling about metaphysical shit I don’t understand.
The crowd is always early for this night. I guess nobody has to get all dolled up for the evening. You can see the en coming in with their muscles bulging. I am quite sure they all did the same thing I did right before open. Hit the gym. Get the blood into the muscles before your body is seen so it is the best it can possibly look. The women are all glowing as though they just had the best sex of their lives. I bet in many cases they did.
The heat and humidity here are wonderful for the skin.
The interaction on this night is always hard to predict. Some nights it seems that people are just uncomfortable with other people and nobody talks to anybody they don’t already know. This was not one of those nights.
2 of the first people to arrive were this gay couple, that are the most outgoing guys you could ever meet. They stood at the door with my employees and handed a free shot to everybody as they walked in and made sure to get their name. they kind of reminded me of old school promoters, but they were not working, they were just doing what they loved. They commented on every girl’s body. This seemed disarming because everybody knew they were gay. Once the first comments are out there, others seemed to follow suit and just say what they wanted with no inhibitions. (I really should hire those guys).
I guess it was around 1 am when my regular couple showed up. Even they seemed to be in just a normal happy mood. They were talking to everybody in the club as they always do. Scoping out prospects, but sticking together. He was leading her around and meeting a bunch of people that he had apparently known from other events. She was doting all of her attention on him even as they met some of the most beautiful people you have ever seen. I don’t know if I had ever noticed the love in their eyes for each other. For that matter I don’t know if I had ever seen them together and somewhat alone before. Makes me wonder. I had always just kind of assumed their life was based on sex and wild times. I never really considered that the play was just an outlet for them: that they have a life, a love outside of my bar. I wonder what their day to day life is like.
All in all this is one of my favorite nights, but it is always curious to me that there never as much play at the nudist parties as at any other event. I think the staff were the only ones playing out in the open tonight, but that is a story that I have sworn to secrecy.

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