Night of Passion  

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6/12/2006 10:07 pm

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Night of Passion

Once upon a time, a sexy hunky gentleman saw me leaning my sexy low-cut "V" blouse with "almost" titties coming out while ordering some drinks for me & my friends at the bar. While waiting for my drinks, I got a glimpse of his stared eyes toward my boobies, I turned my head to him with a nice smile. He looked at me and said hi. I said hi back. I got my drinks and returned to the table to hang out w/ my friends.

The waitress brought the same drink I had, and I asked who ordered. She fingerpointed to that same gentleman. I thanked him and placed a juicy kiss on his cheek....Suddenly, he turned his head quickly making me kissed his lips instead. Somehow, I couldn't stop having a very very hot makeout w/ him as my friends looked on and cheered. I backed out and asked what his name was. "Chet", he smiled. I said, "I'm Annmarie w/ one name" and I giggled. He said, "OMG, what a terrifc kisser you are!". I giggled, again. We said how nice to meet at each other and I returned to sit w/ my friends. My friends & I giggled and talked how hot that guy was.

When the bar was about to close, the bartender announced for the last call on the drinks. Chet slipped a short n sweet note in between my big boobies. I pulled his arm down to me, so I could kiss him again. He put his hand behind my head and stroked my hair softly. After he went to the bathroom, I opened his note. While I tried to breath like normally again, I read the note saying to meet him outside of the bar. I wasn't too sure, but the waitress & bartender said Chet was a regular customer who worked hard and was a very respected man to many people. I thought how cool. I asked my friends to go ahead and that I would get home by a cab anyway.

I walked outside while Chet stood around the corner by the bar await. I walked w/ my huge contigous smile. He looked at my whole sexy average body with mini skirt & high heel shoes. As I was toward very close to him, he pulled my wrist and kissed me for like 5 minutes. While kissing, his right hand caressed my cheek and his left hand started to rub my thigh. He lifted my sexy mini black skirt up, so he could felt my lacy shorts-like panties. I could feel his hard cock already grew bigger. That made me rubbing his butt to start with. He pulled me into his arm and we walked toward his SUV where I leaned my back on his door. He asked if we could do it in his loft, I said absoluately. He showed me his driver license and his business card and asked me to write down making sure that he didn't do anything criminal if I followed my instinct. Then I did. After putting the written note in my purse, I sat closer to him in his SUV. He said it's only 5-7 minutes getting to his loft. I couldn't resist my hands from what I could see how big & hard his cock shown on his sexy Levi' jeans. I decided not to wait any longer, so I started to nibble his right ear and then his neck. I realized that it would distracted him from driving, so I only let him playing his hand on my leg & pussy instead. I opened my legs widely. His hand rubbed my knee, then thigh. I pulled his hand under my mini skirt where he could feel my lacy panties. His fingers wiggled my clit, then inside my pussy. I pulled his fingers out, so I could taste my own wet pussy and then his.

Chet said, "Yummmy, we're home now". Perfectly & excitedly, we went right into the building. In the elevator, he just couldn't wait any longer, so he kissed me passionately as his hands lifted up my mini skirt and rubbed my already juicy wet pussy. An elderly couple entered from next floor. The lady asked us what we were doing. Chet said I was having an orgasm. We laughed hard. Her husband laughed when she asked what orgasm was. Chet told him what he could do w/ her and then we left the elevator. When the door was about to unlock, we still couldn't keep our body apart. I unbuttoned his shirt as he ripped my sexy blouse. He pulled me into his loft and he closed/locked the door. He pinned my body against the wall of his loft. He pulled down my skirt while he kissed me. He nibbled my ear, my neck, my chest and then he turned my body around. As my face & front body were already pinned against the wall, he cupped my boobies from behind as he ripped my sexy black lacy bra off. He kissed & licked every inch of my back just as I heavily breathed w/ moaning. His teeth started to rip my sexy black lacy panties apart. I was naked completely. He turned my body around to face him again and then he kissed me again. I turned him around and pinned him on the wall. I told him it was my turn. I put his hands on the wall higher than his head and told him to stay there. While standing there with bare chest, I started to kiss his mouth nicely & gently making his body melted. I could feel his shaky legs. I then nibbled his ears, his neck while my hands rubbed his sexy hunky muscle smooth chest. Lower, lower I'd kissed his chest while my hands started to pull off his belt then unzipped his jeans. Lower, lower I'd kissed to his belly while I pulled down his jeans. His cock was fully throbbed rapidly just like it was heart beaten so fast. My teeth started to rip his sexy thong. I put my big bobbies on his cock in between. His hands stroked my hair gently and kissed my forehead. Lower, lower I'd kissed from his belly to suck his cock finally. All the way down deep in my throat for as long as I could breath. I already tasted his pre-cum severe times. It was like he tried so hard to hold on to cum much longer. I sucked on the side of his cock and then another side of his cock.....then sucked it back in my mouth again. After 30 minutes of giving him a nice deep juicy blow job, he said ok, now it was his turn. He pulled me up and carried me to his low bed.....

- - - - -Ok, I need a moment of breath here before I write the rest.....

How are you all doing, everybody? LOL

As I lied on his king size bed, he pulled my legs open very widely. He crawled to kiss my mouth, then my front chest...sucked my already hard belly. He tickled very very slightly on my thighs making me soooo hot. My front body tried to lift off his bed trying to make him lick my pussy right away, but he teased me gently. We giggled. He continued to kiss my thigh and then another side of thigh just as his fingers slowly rubbed around my pussy. I was thinking like what the fucking was he waiting for. I needed my pussy licked right away. He said he enjoyed the playful tease w/ my pussy, because he knew it would drive me crazy like hell. Well, it worked, I laughed. "GOOD!!", he chuckled. One if his fingers gently reached closer to my already wet & hard clit and rubbed it very very very very very gently. It was like I had never felt so fucking great before my life. I moaned bit loudly, he suddenly sucked my clit so extremely gently & softly. OMG, I said to myself. What a good oral sex even though he wasn't done yet. He said if I liked it. "Hell yes", I said. He winked and continued to lick my pussy gently making me so crazy. He didn't stop for one whole hour of licking & sucking my pussy.

After our oral sex, I could feel his hard cock reaching for my pussy. He kissed my mouth and I could taste my own wet tasty pussy from his mouth. His hand pulled his cock inside my already very hot wet juicy pussy. While it was inside me, his finger gently rubbed my clit. On his another hand, he fingered my anal. I couldn't stop moaning & cumming for a very long time. I gasped for breathing just as he suddenly sucked my clit from his mouth again. I was cummed completely more than enough. He put his cock back in my pussy again and I already felt his cumming loudly. I looked at his excited & moaned eyes. He opened his eyes and said, "OMG, it was the best lovemaking he had ever had." While we were resting, he asked me how I felt. I said it was the best one ever, too. We made out while we cuddled together all night long. We continued to do all over again like 5 times.

Next morning, I wake up before him and I could still feel his hard cock already. I decided to suck his cock again. He moaned in his sleep. We did again & again & again & again & again.


To be continued........

coachmac77 72M
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6/13/2006 4:34 pm

this girl is wild know's her stuff and can write a great story..would like to meet her! Coach

want2play926 45F

6/22/2006 10:09 pm

WOW! This is great!

Miss you!

spunk59splat 57M

8/20/2006 5:10 pm

Autumngirl61 is the kind of woman who's natural girl next door looks can be deceiving! That's not to say she is a bad girl! She is as sweet as anyone I've met in here and never has a bad word for me! But you should also know that underneath the wholesome, beautiful looks lies a passionate, playful woman who can certainly arouse a man with her imagination and sense of adventure. She showed that with this short story and I hope to read the next edition soon, or be part of it! You're awesome autumngirl! Hope to see pictures with the next story! lol


fruitloop6767 49M

5/5/2007 9:12 am

Wow.. Better Reading it the second time Autum you need to write novels this is so erotic and mind blowing look forward to read anything you write...

NJHotCock 44M

1/29/2009 9:58 pm

WoW!!! WoW!!! and WOW!!!!

I think that's all that needs to be said!!!! You are an AMAZING woman. I thoroughly enjoyed the time we spent chatting tonight

You are a truly INCREDIBLE woman. and BEAUTIFUL TOO!!!!

Hope to see you again soon sweetie...


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