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8/7/2006 3:22 pm

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Thoughts from the lady!

Hello to all< I hope your day will be warm and happy.Mine will be, As its my day off. I intent to make the most of it.
Last week I brought myself a ladies push bike.Yes, It took a couple of day to get use to. But now its so good to ride the "bike paths" of Noosa and take my time to enjoy beautifull parts of this area.
I think riding a bike very much a "erotic pleasure", to me,Yes, maybe to others.The movement on the saddle and the legs moving in my shorts to catching the suns rays and making them tingle.It brings me to think of spring and how all of the worlds creatures grasp the delights coupling, in the warmth of the sun.
To me its the same as reading a erotic piece and then knowing one cann't spend all day in this longing state.So one lets the fingers do their work to bring joy.
I know my own body so well and know how to bring joy to it by touching and pampering.

Not so long when I was a connoisse use
of slugs.
I would part the ivy leaves,and loo for the naked jelly of those golden bodies,
translucent strange glistening along the stone,slowly, their getatinous bodies at my mercy,
Made mosttly of water,they would shivel to nothing if they wre sprinkled with salt,
but I wasnt interested in that.
What I liked was to draw aside the ivy, breathe the odor of the wall, and stand there in silence untill the slug forgot I was there and sent its
antennae up out of its head,
The glimmering unber horns rising like telescopeds,untill finally the senitive knobs would pop out the end,
delicate and intimate.
That night when I saw my naked man,
I gasped with pleasure to see the quiet mystery reenacted,the slow elegant being coming out of hinding and gleaming in the dark air,
Eager and so trusting one could weep

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