Poor Lonely Bastards...  

rm_aura135 38M
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2/7/2006 8:34 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Poor Lonely Bastards...

Sometimes I feel bad for the guys, that even on a site such as this - can't find someone.

Just for whatever reason, they simply can not communicate with women. I'm not sure there's any help for these types of men. I see them get tips constantly, told how to act, how not to act - and none of it does any good. Not one whit.

And what's more amazing...almost:

The spammers of "OMG BAEB UR SO HOT I"M A CUMMMMM!!!" actually get more responses from the ladies than these poor suckers do. Perhaps it's the refreshing bluntness we don't experience in our everyday lives away from the internet? I may be taking Psych classes, but I'm not touching that one.

BUT - I will give these lonely saps something. They keep coming back. Day after day, rejection after rejection - they don't give up. Perseverance might pay off in the end. I hope it does.

In their shoes, personally, I'd have pulled the trigger already. But, I place too high a priority on sex I think

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