It's amazing...  

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2/5/2006 8:46 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

It's amazing...

I realize that today's world is fast-paced. Things either happen instantly, or we're put off by it.

People on this site in particular get struck by this, males in particular. I suppose they think that to sign up, means that within hours they'll be in between someone's thighs. This, above anything else I've encountered in life, sheds immense light on the male psyche. Sometimes I'm disturbed that this doesn't affect me - that perhaps I'm not masculine enough to be swept up in my ego.

Most times, I just laugh.

How stupid we men can get, it's just amazing sometimes.

At the same time - this seems to have an affect on the ladies around here. They *know* they're the minority. They *know* they're what's wanted here.

So they *know* they can get away with being as rude as one human can be to another. Why? Some other sucker will be along within the next 10 minutes. Another batch of emails will flood in - so why bother responding to any that don't immediately (that whole fast-paced thing again..)catch the eye?

This isn't a complaint. This isn't me bummed out that no one emails me - they do.

This is just my observation about how amusing this whole place can really be. Human nature at it's best, and worst.

Perhaps I'm just easily amused.

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